ChatGPT blocked by GoGuardian on all CCSD monitored devices

Students, teachers share thoughts on how to use new technology


Jianna Aganon

Within seconds, people are now able quickly ask artificial intelligence questions relating to any topic of their choice with responses being generated with a click of a button. The chat bot has been thoroughly studied and fine-tuned with learning techniques and language models since its release. “I think the AI is very impressive, but I know it could be a dangerous tool,” junior Gian Carlo Raneses said, “It just depends on who is using it and why they are using it.”

Jianna Aganon, Staff Writer

Shortly after the return from Winter Break, CCSD blocked the use of ChatGPT, an application launched in November of 2022 by OpenAI, in order to prevent academic dishonesty.

The AI’s rise in popularity first began on the popular social media app, TikTok.

“I’ve seen multiple TikToks that demonstrates the different ways it can be used,” junior Gian Carlo Raneses said. “One of my friends has already used ChatGPT to help him with his assignments.”

Most of the apprehension that comes with the use of ChatGPT is cheating and accountability.

“I would say that it does cause me concern because I feel like so many students rely on the internet already, and I feel like this is going to make it worse,” English 11 teacher Amy Lutz said. “This is just going to open the door to students not truly learning or not doing their own work.”

Students agree about the application’s potential influence to cheat on their coursework.

“I think students are capable of trying to find ways around using it despite its banned status,” junior Jaydee Punzalan said. “Whether it be through their personal device or an unblocked website, people are still going to continue to cheat no matter the obstacles. ChatGPT is still available and very free to the public so there’s no stopping students from using their resources.”

Many are hesitant over the implementation or are unbothered by CCSD’s decision.

“The only reason I could ever use AI is if I desperately needed help on an essay or assignment,” junior Kyla Rodriguez said. “I wouldn’t copy it word for word because I would want it to still sound like I said it, not some robot. Even then, I can’t see myself ever being in a position where I would use the bot.” 

Despite GoGuardian blocking the program, many people are utilizing the technology to the fullest outside of the school network.

“You could say ‘give me ideas for board games with social deductions’ or ‘based off of a certain theme’ and it’s a great brainstorming partner for when you’re short on ideas,” Digital Game Development teacher Ronald Barranco said. “Part of using ChatGPT is coming up with the right prompt.”

With this in mind, teachers are willing to work around the obstacles that come with ChatGPT.

“I don’t think it’s realistic to stop someone from using an app,” Lutz said, “Just like I couldn’t stop you from using the internet to either fact-check yourself or understand something better. What I could try to do is make my lessons and activities seem valuable, so you have appreciation for what you’re learning and make it something that relates to you personally because AI can’t make those personal connections.” 

Evolving technology has become a large part of society and it will only continue with how future generations decide to operate it, especially related to many of the CTE programs.

“There’s a whole new job field coming out where you are engineering prompts to use AI as a tool,” Barranco said. “I think we need to train students how to use it ethically and as a tool. I don’t think we can ignore it.”