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Cohort A starts first day of in-person learning

Ninth, Twelfth graders return to school today
Freshman Natalya Cintron works on an assignment in her Health class. Several students have returned to the classroom following the reopening of schools. “I do have worries regarding COVID-19, but the school is taking safety measures and not many people are actually in the classes, so I feel pretty comfortable being here,” Cintron said. Photo Credit: Matthew LaPorte

After more than a year of remote learning, some students are returning to the classroom.

Organized into different groups, today Cohort A, which is made up of 163 students, attended their 5th and 7th-period classes in person. They will return again tomorrow. On Thursday and Friday, Cohort B, which is comprised of 175 students, will return.

“I don’t mind the idea of coming back to school physically,” senior Sandra Amores, who has returned to school, said. “I personally did it because I wanted to break bad habits that I gained throughout quarantine, which is waking up super late and being unproductive the majority of the day.”

One of the biggest concerns surrounding students returning was the spread of COVID-19. However, all personnel is following guidelines and taking ample precautions resulting in a normal day back.

“I’d say I’m still really cautious,” sophomore Cecilia Nguyen, who is in Cohort C, said. “Even though more people are getting vaccinated every day, it’s still good to be wary.”

The year of line learning brought a myriad of practical and mental health problems for many students. Some high schoolers welcome the return to face-to-face interaction.

“I returned for quite a few reasons, the main one being that I’ve been secluded in my house since March of last year and was in dire need of an outing,” freshman Natalya Cintron said. “Other reasons include wanting to work in a school environment again, wanting to meet some of my teachers, and an overall hope that the hybrid learning schedule would be more beneficial for me and my grades.”

Teachers have also returned under the new schedule, though they’re still seeing very few students per class.

“I have a desire to see students again,” math teacher Bryan Wada said. “In virtual it’s kind of hard to ask individual students questions. Like the freshmen, I get to ask them, ‘What buildings have you visited?’ because they haven’t visited any buildings yet. That’s interesting to get to know them.”


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