Design students attend MAGIC tradeshow An opportunity to network with professional industries

Focusing carefully, junior Misty Melendez begins to sew pieces of a mockup garment together. Design Academy students signed up to attend the upcoming Magic Trade Show. “My favorite thing about fashion is being able to create anything to your personal liking,” Melendez said. “I won’t be able to attend the convention this year, but if I ever get the chance to I would take the opportunity right away.” Photo Credit: Grinesa Bajrami

Giving students the opportunity to view what is currently happening in the world of fashion merchandising via the event, they will be attending the annual Magic tradeshow, on Friday Feb. 7.

“This year, I think I’m going to gain knowledge on what it’s like to be a merchandiser for a brand or company,” senior Cyncir Pollard said. “I’ll also learn more about what goes into branding and keeping that brand strong.”

Magic is a convention that has a variety of brands and companies, where they mainly showcase their products to clients.

“Last year [Magic] was really fun and we got to meet designers like Steve Madden, so I’m hoping I get another opportunity to meet a designer I admire,” Pollard said. “I also love all the free items we get and all the new products we can look at.”

Only 50 people could attend the event, 46 Design Academy students and four chaperones. There are no available spots for the event. 

“This will be my second time going to the convention,” senior Presiosa Prieto said. “I feel like this year would be more helpful for me, especially since I am a senior now and want to have a career in the fashion field.”

At the convention, students will visit merchant’s booths, with the goal of making professional connections for internship opportunities. 

“I’m most excited to see the different products and all the new trends I see there,” junior Donavee Fujii said. “I think I’ll benefit from it because I can see what is popular now to get inspiration.”

Would you attend the Magic convention?