Fashion show models rehearse for capstone event Participants required to have a flexible schedule

Adjusting a sewing machine, senior Desiree sews pieces of fabric together. Fashion Design III students will continue working on their clothing lines and make adjustments to fit their models. "I’m pretty nervous about having to alter my outfits to make sure everything fits the models, but I’m also very excited to finally see the outfits on an actual person," senior Desiree Jacobo said. "It’s like seeing all my hard work and stress coming together." Photo Credit: Sammantha Wilson

Looking for students to model for the capstone fashion show, seniors in Fashion Design III will be holding rehearsals to practice the model walk and confirm models for the show on Thursday, Feb. 21.

“Right now, [the capstone process has consisted of] just seeing and making the actual clothes,” senior Karissa Butler said. “It’s kinda scary thinking people are actually gonna wear these.”

The designers are looking for girls ranging from a fashion standard size 6-8/24-27 in European pant sizes and 28-32 for boys. Female models also need to know how to walk in heels.

“When we work with the models, we have to make alterations to make sure it the perfect fit for them,” senior Sierra Jimenez said. “[My clothing line is] inspired by the 94 Chanel RTW spring summer line. I am very excited and hope that they feel confident while wearing my clothes.”

Models must be available after school in March for fittings with the instructor, then with the designer during the whole month of April. All paperwork will be passed out the day of rehearsals. Any student that would like to participate must scan the QR code located in any hallway and fill out the form.

“I feel somewhat calm about finding models because they will be taught how to model and how the show will go,” senior Angela Sudjana said. “The only problem would be finding a model that fits our garments.”

Wednesday, May 1 is the tentative date for the fashion show, but it may be subject to change. Models must be present at the fashion show with no exceptions.

“The preparation of capstone has been very stress inducing,” Jimenez said. “It is costly and the deadlines come so quick, but I’ve been able to complete everything on time and put enough effort in [my project],” Jimenez said. “I hope that all my family and friends are proud of me, and I hope I’m proud of myself.”

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