Fear runs through at ‘Haunted Homecoming’ Spirit days, dance inspired by Halloween


Julia Jauregui

For the first time, Student Council is hosting a Halloween themed Homecoming Week.

“Our spirit days are new and easier to do. Our movie night and homecoming theme correlated and, overall, StuCo is excited to start the spooky month with this dance,” senior Elizabeth Wigington said.

The spirit week days are inspired by the theme of horror movies and Halloween, such as “Evil Twin Day” inspired by “The Shining”.

“I am personally excited to participate in ‘Rise from the Dead’ day because PJ day is undoubtedly the comfiest,” Wigington said. “But I’m excited to see what people come up with for Horror Movie Day.”



As Bryce Wada and co-adviser Christina Bousema continue to adjust to their new positions, there will be few changes to the usual homecoming traditions and setup. New ideas, however, include decorations and prizes for students if they participate in spirit week. 

“I teach both [professional and design] academy kids, so I don’t want to choose a side,” Wada said. “But, hopefully, it’s a good day and the weather’s nice. That’s really what’s important.” 

The Homecoming Dance will take place on Saturday at Panos Hall Courtyard from 7-10 p.m. Tickets went on-sale last Wednesday; the prices will go up to $30 on Oct. 7 and increase to $40 at the door. 

“Homecoming is the only dance that all grades can attend and enjoy, It’s a genuine high school experience that people see in movies and can look forward to,” Wigington said. “Especially paired with the flag football game, it’s one of the events that connect Southwest as a school and community.”