Health Science prepares for their future Sophomores choose specific medical career to create a project, present to freshmens


Gurleen Swaich

Students in Vicki Smiths’ Health Science classes are learning about different careers in the medical field to help them understand the various options they have when they enter college. 

“You are supposed to learn about careers and the best way to learn about careers is to bring in speakers or I can get everyone to choose a career,” Smith said. “ I want students to research a professional career in the medical field, and be able to share education qualifications, job stability, and future advancements.”

Students were able to choose a specific career such as optometry, psychology, endocrinology and many others. 

“My project is about OB/GYNs,” sophomore Gia Sammarco said. “This allows me to learn about the other medical professions that are out there and by the end of this project I expect to have a deeper understanding of some of the medical careers out there.”

The project presentations begin this Thursday, September 26, and students will start to present to their classes and also to some of the freshman classes. 

“My project is on dermatologists and I’ve learned the effects and usage of dermatologists in the medical industry,” sophomore Aze Lopez said. “I believe that all the projects will help me in the future by supplying me with information on the environment I plan to be involved in during the future.” 

Smith hopes her students know that they have other options, rather than nursing, and this project is to help guide their path for a future career in the medical field.

“I think this will open the students eyes to what’s out there in medicine because it isn’t just nursing, respiratory therapy and dental,” Smith said. “Even though you are in a specific program you may decide that it is not where you want to work. This project will give you the boost to say ‘hey I saw this, I’m interested in it, and I should look into it.’”