Hospitality students create intricate hotels Beginning second quarter by testing knowledge related to the 'hospitality industry'

Adding information to her group project, sophomore Hannah Segura continues to add to the project with her group members. The lodging unit is to hopefully give the students an idea of all the various jobs that are in the lodging industry. “Even though [the lodging career path] isn’t my first choice I do find the information important to at least know,” Segura said. “I do hope in the future though we learn more information about the other branches in hospitality.” Photo Credit: Hannah Segura

To test students’ knowledge about the various branches such as the lodging branch in the hospitality industry, students in Catherine Viggato’s Hospitality and Tourism I class are creating “hotels” with specific features.

“I enjoy this project because it gives us the chance to use our imaginations,” sophomore Genevey Machuca said. “There is no limit, only our creativity. [I do wish that we got the] chance to actually create a hotel rather than just describing it.”

Students in the first quarter were taught the basics of the hospitality industry and with the help of this project, students get a chance to explore more careers that the lodging path has to offer.

“I’m most proud of the information I’ve gotten so far,” sophomore Hannah Segura said. “I’m hoping in upcoming lessons I’ll learn about the other aspects of the hospitality aside from lodging, even though I’m not sure I’m choosing the essential career path.”

Through breakout rooms, students work on their group projects which allow students to communicate with each other up until the due date on October 26th.

“Everyday is how we fit this to online learning,” Viggato said. “I used [ICEV] last year in the classroom to update textbooks, and there are a ton of resources in there. Everything is at my fingertips and it helped with the bettering the online school year.”

Viggato will be grading the assignment by focusing on the group presentations and if they made their main points such as available jobs, kinds of entertainment, etc. 

“I like the creativity the students bring forward to their projects,” Viggato said. “Each one of the projects is unique and not the same from the previous. Even if we’re talking about the same topic, for example, no two are the same.”

As a way to improve good communication and establish teamwork efforts, Viggato feels her assignment is preparing students for the hospitality industry.

“In the three years that I have with students I would consider my class as the safety net,” Viggato said. “I’d rather have you get it wrong now so that when you’re out in the real world you’ll have this information right.”