New dance club created to perform, share talents Open to all students interested


Practicing around campus, senior Kennedy Nelson shows off one of her moves to express herself. “A few photography students asked me to help them with a few motion photos so I did a few jumps and I attempted a leap,” Nelson said. Photo Credit: Maya Negash

Naila Yazdani

After three years of brainstorming and thinking of ideas, senior Kennedy Nelson is now the leader of the new Dance Club.

“Choreographing and teaching has been a passion of mine for a very long time, so I wanted to start a club to be able to teach people about mostly how to perform and entertain, and then some dancing, of course,” Nelson said.

The board members plan to choreograph multiple routines ranging across many different styles. The styles being taught will be hip-hop, voguing, whacking, ballroom and jazz.

“For me, the hardest part of choreographing would be coming up with the dance moves,” Dance Club Historian Janet Chen said. “Since I’m not a great dancer and don’t know a lot, it is pretty challenging.” 

Dance club meets by C220 in the hallway every week on Fridays. The historian will occasionally rent out the Strategic Dance Centre studio used on Wednesdays.

“It was an opportunity to have more fun and give students the chance to do what they want to do,” Dance Club Adviser Joseph Juliano said. “I wanted to support the students in all that they do and I wanted to help make the school a bit more fun.” 

If the choreography is done and approved by admin, Dance Club will perform at assemblies and other events like the PA vs. DA flag football game. The Dance Club hopes that all members can grow as an individual dancer and as a person. 

“I really hope that people like and enjoy what they see and see the hard work we have put in our performances,” Chen said. “We encourage people to join our club if they like dancing or want to learn how to dance.”