Medical Terminology students design skin models

Creating 3D designs to show off their skills


Zoie Puaala-Edra

After studying the integumentary system, students in Medical Terminology are creating 3D skin models that show the progression of a chosen disease.

“We just had a test on the integumentary system which is like the hair, skin and nails.,” sophomore Cheri Chan said. “Now we get to show how much we actually understand about it.

I don’t like how we have to create five different models to show the progression of our disease and a regular hair shaft. Other than that I think this project is a great way for us to work together and show our creativity.”

The models will need to be handmade and 3D. Each group will have to create five models to show the progression of the disease.

“I think that the project is really unique in the way that we get to make 3D models and work with our groups,” sophomore Kylie Chavez said. “I’m excited to have the gallery walk and see everyone else’s diseases.”

This project will help students understand how their chosen diseases functions and they reacts to the skin.

“So our plan for the project is to use tissue boxes that we paint as the skin,” Chan said. “After the paint dries we want to use pipe cleaners and add different colors of paint to show the inside of the skin along with the different layers.”

 The project will be due Friday, Dec.13. At the end of the project students will have a gallery walk in class, viewing all the different diseases groups picked.

“I really enjoy working with multiple people because I know heading towards the medical field that we will be working with many colleagues and Medical Terminology is preparing me for that,” sophomore Allegra Campozano said.