Respiratory Therapy sophomores explore medical professions

Presentations, brochures shared with class


Jasmine Bobbins and Madison White

To show how medical occupations work together in the real world, Respiratory Therapy teacher Vicki Smith assigned sophomores to present brochures on professions of their choice.

“One of the things that I wanted is to have [my respiratory students] do is work in teams [based on all medical] occupations,” Smith said. “I went through and picked out the occupations that team well with Respiratory Therapy.”

Students were required to create a slideshow presentation and a brochure about their job choice. 

“The career I worked on made me dislike orthopedic surgeons because I wouldn’t want to have to spend 12 more years of school in college,” sophomore Kyle Delapaz said.

The presentation had to be between 10 to 12 minutes, and students avoided reading off the screen.

“I feel that I did a decent job on my presentation,” sophomore Kiyora Payne said. “I’ve been practicing my presentation with my parents for the last couple of nights to help make sure that I’m prepared.”

Smith made copies of the brochures for other students to look at so that everyone would get the chance to learn more about the jobs. The students will be practicing more collaborative projects in the next assignments.

“Some of my students were not excited about the occupations that they got,” Smith said. “Once they began to research their job more, the more intrigued they began to become about their job.”

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