School year to start with full time distance learning CCSD trustees approve plan in special board meeting

CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara and Health Service Coordinator Linda Kalekas explain to the board of trustees why distance education is currently the only option for reopening schools.

The CCSD School Board of trustees unanimously voted 7-0 to implement full-distance learning starting August 24th due to the continuing spikes in COVID-19 cases at the July 21 special board meeting.

“I think it’s a safe option and approach to wanting to continue learning fully online due to the ongoing pandemic,” junior Lizeth Ontiveros said. “However, for incoming juniors and seniors it’ll most likely put on more stress on them because it’s hard knowing whether this year will run smoothly and whether standardized testing will occur.”

From now on, the CCSD Board will review trends in COVID-19 cases every 30 days to determine when it is safe to return to either the hybrid plan or in-person education. 

“I will not support a hybrid model until our employees feel comfortable,” Superintendent Danielle Ford said. “They need to feel like they’re getting accurate information in a timely manner when somebody tests positive whether it’s a student or staff member and when the health department is not backed up like it is as well as when we have declined trending.”

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