Student Council does an all-call for used t-shirts Donations‌ ‌will‌ ‌be‌ ‌used‌ ‌to‌ ‌make‌ ‌dog‌ ‌toys‌


Donating an old t-shirt, sophomore Aleyah Hilario adds to her classes donation box. During the week of Mar. 14, Student Council members collected old t-shirts to turn them into dog toys. ”I think it’s nice that they’re reusing these old shirts that no one uses to make toys for dogs,” Hilario said. “We should recycle as much as we have instead of just throwing it away and piling up the waste. We can reuse it to make something better instead of just throwing them in the trash.” Photo Credit: Kathryn Peterson

Kathryn Peterson

Planning to make dog toys for animal shelters, Student Council members have been collecting old T-shirts this week. Students can donate through Tuesday during their 7th-period class for a chance to win an ice cream party.

“We haven’t had many fundraisers this year,” sophomore Maddie Wahrer said. “The last one we had was for kids in need that just needed socks. So we were thinking about doing something else, so my committee and I were all talking about it, and we decided on trying to help the dogs.”

After all the t-shirts are counted and collected, Student Council members will make them into dog toys on Mar. 24. All students are welcome to help and will gain volunteer hours for their work.

“I hope to get enough T-shirts, at least 150,” Wahrer said. “I know, that’s a big goal, but last time, we raised more socks than that. So, I think that everyone can do it. ”

As a student-run fundraiser, Student Council members have struggled to ensure that everyone is aware of the event and how they can participate. 

“For Socktober, we just said it once and then just expect everyone to remember like we didn’t put on the announcements,” junior Lillie Newton said. “We didn’t go remind anyone or anything. We just kind of told them and then let it happen. But for this one, we went around to every single classroom, told them about it. And then for the teachers that we weren’t able to get to, we sent them an email. And then soon, we’re hoping to put them on the announcements so that if people forget ”

Some teachers have also been helping support the cause, either by donating their own clothes or encouraging students to do so.

“As an animal lover, I love it,” English 10 teacher Amy Boyett said. “I’m actually going to go through my own T-shirts and get rid of a bunch of stuff because I have four dogs on my own. So I think it’s great that we give enrichment to animals and hopefully it’ll bleed out from being kind to animals to being kind to people. ”