U. S. History classes will visit Nevada State Museum for PBL

Creating a project regarding the exhibits


Juliana Borruso

Teaching students about Nevada history, juniors in Jessica Kelly’s U.S. History class are taking a field trip to the Nevada State Museum.

“I really believe that we should get out of the classroom and see what other people are doing in the state of Nevada to make Nevada better and more educated,” Kelly said. 

Both regular and honors U.S. history students will visit the museum on Jan. 31.

“I hope that students will gain a variety of different skills, including working together in groups, coming up with new ideas and an appreciation for Nevada state history,” Kelly said. “I also hope they gain an appreciation for United States history.” 

After they go to the museum, students will be expected to complete a PBL, where they must create a potential new exhibit. 

“I took this class because I thought that it was important to learn about U.S history as a citizen of the United States,” junior Alison Carlos said. “I think this trip will benefit me greatly because I’ll be able to learn more about Nevada as a whole.”

During their time at the museum, students will take notes on the exhibits. Upon coming back, they will have time to pitch ideas and present them to create a hypothetical added exhibit.

“I think that going on this trip goes hand in hand with learning about U.S. history,” junior Aeva Pearson said. “We are basically becoming more educated about Nevada. Some people don’t know a lot about our own state’s history, but this field trip will help us become more open-minded.”