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Wave of school violence prompts response from board of trustees

A recorded assault at Las Vegas High drew outrage from parents, board members
Trustees’ responses to student violence will be covered in a Thursday meeting. The thousands of violent incidents reported this school year have caused concern among some policymakers. Photo Credit: CCSD

A number of violent incidents at CCSD campuses have drawn significant anger from some community members. A school board meeting scheduled for Thursday will center around the topic, with board members debating the most effective methods of easing fears.

“I think we should go back to holding students responsible for their actions,” Principal Donna Levy said. “The board should create an online environment for students who are too dangerous to interact with their peers. No one should have to fear coming to school.”

An 8NewsNow investigation found that over 5,000 violent incidents were reported from the beginning of the school year to the first week of February, though it is unclear how many of them have been verified. This list includes over two dozen shootings and 66 sexual assaults. An attack recorded in a Las Vegas High School classroom received the most attention, with a student repeatedly striking a classmate until they are apparently unconscious.

Katie Williams, the Board of Trustees’ archest conservative, expressed her support for increasing the number of officers at CCSD schools.

“If we truly want to see a reduced amount of violence in our schools we need parents to get involved, cut restorative justice practices, and allow officers to do their jobs,” Williams tweeted. “Stop handcuffing the people that need to be doing the handcuffing!”

Though the incidents are of significant concern to many, there is little evidence of an overall increase in disciplinary issues. A report compiled by the Board of Trustees found that suspensions are well in line with years past. There were 11,426 suspensions in the first semester of 2019-2020 school year, the last in-person school year, and this year has had 11,882.

“As a student, I feel fairly safe at SWCTA as students are encouraged to adhere to behavioral guidelines and discipline is strict and impactful,” senior Mackenzie Rankin said. “I think a lot of disciplinary approaches are too easy on students.”



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