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Keeping your cool

Although anger is natural, losing your sanity isn’t
Keeping your cool


Anger is characterized as an emotion that overpowers all—it strikes fear into others and triggers remorse for the enraged. The outcomes of repressing anger are unpredictable, as it can either be positive or negative. I’m the type of person that releases anger at the instant something goes wrong, but when I do not, it lingers in my head in an attempt to destroy my sanity.

Being angry provokes many people; a person may succumb to their fury and unintentionally hurt those around them, either mentally or physically. This results in the angered person losing more than they expected. In my experience as a middle child, disputes between siblings are a common occurrence. We argue over the most mundane “dilemmas” such as if a semicolon is needed in an essay.

Thinking rationally and being kind to others goes a long way when it comes to maintaining relationships.

Even the slightest change can trigger your fury; such as when someone cuts in line, or by an event as major as a loved one passing away. In my life, I have had numerous friends and family fall into God’s hands. At every funeral, the question “Why?” came into my mind. Why did they have to go so early? Why did I not spend more time with them? When sanity and remorse clash, remorse always wins.

In addition to harming your psyche, anger affects self-esteem and body image issues. My family’s lifestyle follows the rules of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Just because I lack a six pack does not mean I am going to die at age 20. I don’t have any problems with my body, for all I know I am a supermodel.  I can’t speak for everyone, I can see how it can affect others; constant criticism of a person’s body can end up in them making drastic decisions.

A healthy way to deal with anger is to distract yourself from the problem with a task. Reading and listening to music are activities that I use to relieve my mind of anxiety and stress. Soothing your senses with techniques such as aromatherapy, food and music lessens your emotional intensity. Do what you calms you downjust stay cool and you’ll be fine.

Some people are calmed by classical music, whereas I prefer synth-pop. Music has that spark that ignites a fire in everybody. It joins people together no matter what the circumstances. Listening to music is a cure to anger and sadness. 

Adding upon your sense of hearing, your sense of smell “nose” what’s good for you. I keep a bottle of lavender oil near my desk since stress and anxiety originate from the place I do my work. Aromatherapy may seem like a sham to some people, but to me it is a great way of relieving stress since the smell is so pure. Instead of sticking your face in a few flowers, a few drops can turn a stress fest into a meditation session.

Anger is often harmful, however, you can learn to control it. Just breathe in and out and stop what ever you’re doing. Thinking rationally and being kind to others goes a long way when it comes to maintaining relationships. Anger is natural and a part of how we act; it is just one of the many obstacles we face on a daily basis.

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