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Temporary feelings lead to unhappy thoughts

“I love your outfit today!” says a girl in my class.
“Awe, thank you,” I reply with a smile.
Then, the thoughts start rushing through my mind. Did she really like my outfit? Does she secretly think I am ugly? What if I have something on my face? Ew, does my breath stink?

As an over-thinker, I react differently from others in different situations. I over-think a poor grade. I over-think a tweet that might have been about me. I over-think any circumstance, no matter how minor.

People around me tell me I should not worry about pleasing anyone but myself. However, I never follow those rules. I strongly believe that thinking about a situation over and over again will make it better. The over-thinking in fact does not make a situation better; instead, I just think of the negative things that could happen.

These feelings are evident in my bitter, sad, and lonely facial expressions. My friends are able to tell whether something is bothering me or not. Often, they are small things like someone not putting their words together the right way. Other times, I just want to be left alone with the sound of my repetitive thoughts.

I tell the ones around me to stay positive. However, I can never take my own advice. How are people supposed to stay positive when the situations they are in are the heart and soul of what they think on a daily basis? It is easier said than done.

I figured that being more occupied with something more important will not only make the time pass by faster, but also get my mind off of useless things. Doing things such as spending time with my family and friends will calm me and make me appreciate life a little bit more.

To this day, I am still trying to improve upon my thinking habits. I know how much it harms me to think so much about something excessively. After thinking about it, excessive thinking only leads to unhappy thoughts.

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