EDITORIAL: Getting out of this energy crisis requires an all-hands on deck approach The war in Ukraine, plus devastating inflation, have gas prices skyrocketing


The U.S. is facing another economic disaster due to a multitude of factors including the war in Ukraine. But how can President Biden solve the potentially catastrophic issue and what does this mean for the future of green energy? Photo Credit: Ahmed Ahmed

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The Russian invasion in Ukraine is fundamentally changing the world. Gas prices across the nation are skyrocketing due to the global and horrific war in Eastern Europe, war-torn pipelines, and economic sanctions. While gas prices continue to rise, the average American now pays nearly $3,000 per year to fill their tank.

And these prices are hitting hard for teenagers – as more and more young adults and teenagers get their licenses and transition to independence, having to deal with an economic disaster is nothing short of a major struggle. Being forced to pay more for a basic necessity on such a tight paycheck discourages independence and stunts early economic growth.

This is in addition to the severe economic effects of the pandemic that are still resonating with many American families and businesses today. High prices are imposing new threats to efforts to repair an already broken economy by inducing distress within the general population who rely on gas.

tips to save gas by Alyssa Rose [STUDENT]

Because of this, the Biden administration should invest in domestic petroleum drilling, for instance, fracking, to control the volatile gas and oil market. After the gas fiasco is handled, the Biden administration can then continue to progress towards a greener future.

But what exactly is fracking? Fracking is a drilling operation – you may have seen oil pumps around California or in popular media. Similar to those pumps, fracking and other drilling operations dig deep into the ground and extract huge amounts of shale using pressure and water. The result, although producing large quantities of non-renewable resources, causes major environmental damage and the release of greenhouse gasses.

Will this help the environment? Definitely not. Major global climate change movements have specifically focused on fracking and drilling, considering the major negative impacts it has on local and global environments.

But, by giving up some portions of federal land to install short-term drilling operations, we can at least control the burgeoning situation. Or, if it’s too expensive, they should at least allow the temporary expansion and promotion for private sectors to take action by suspending some gas regulations. Even accessing the trillions of cubic feet of gas reserves we have would be adequate.

Without immediate action, it could substantially increase the risk for yet another economic collapse. The amount of people struggling to buy gas would escalate, and economic hardships would drive the prices of other goods through the roof. The American people have already had enough with financial hardships – having another one is bound to be disastrous.

It will be important for the Biden administration to take a step towards helping the environment and pushing the American public from moving away from this outdated, non-renewable and volatile market. The consequences of being heavily invested in the gas and oil industry are beginning to show with a more wide-spread electric energy base, problems like this wouldn’t happen.

After this war, Biden can take steps to funding solar, wind, and hydroelectric companies and impose harder regulations on the drilling/fracking industry. Installing solar fields in vast and rural areas can provide huge amounts for a great amount of people. This helps both the Earth and the environment.

But for now, the government is pinned on the wall for this disaster, and someone is going to have to take the blame. The violence in Ukraine is exhausting for almost everyone in the world, but a push towards a green future may just lessen the consequences next time.