Fall Into the Mysterious ‘Cabin Fever’

The group’s first album following the departure of a former member


Purple Kiss hooks listeners in with their album’s mysterious concept.
Rating: A
Art Credit: RBW

Kylie Dacquel, Staff Writer

Taking on a dark and mysterious concept, Purple Kiss is leaving their usual girl crush music in the past. After the departure of former member Park Ji-eun due to health problems in November 2022, the group has returned with their fifth EP, “Cabin Fever.” 

Making their debut in March 2021, Purple Kiss was the talk of many K-pop stans. Being the juniors to popular girl group MAMAMOO, Purple Kiss was expected to gain popularity. However, the group has been active for nearly two years and is struggling to rise in recognition, even with the diverse discography that they have created.

However, their title track “Sweet Juice” on this new album is one that deserves at least a listen or two. The song starts off with an enchanting piano decrescendo that fades into a catchy, yet eerie instrumental, that leaves listeners wondering what’s coming next. The combination of the orchestral elements and drums evokes a twisted fairy tale feeling that lingers throughout the entire track. The lyrics “You want some sweet juice,” are sung with an increased pitch at the end of the lyric, creating a satisfying feeling and is the most memorable part of the song.

This eerie feeling is carried on to the next track, “T4ke,” where the song starts with a ring of a bell. It reminds me of (G)I-DLE’s “Oh my god,” where the song also starts off with a ring of a bell and incorporates a dark atmosphere. A small detail that I found to be interesting was a bone-chilling, horror-film-esque scream that builds onto the eeriness of the track. Written by member Chaein, the song expresses the feeling of wanting to move forward, even while in endless darkness.

The group steps away from the mysterious and dark concept to take on an 80’s vibe for their next track, “Autopilot.” When I first listened to the song, I was reminded of SUNMI’sYou Can’t Sit With Us.” Although the beat isn’t the same, I felt the same from each of the songs. The song is upbeat, catchy and makes for a fun song to jump around and dance to. During the last chorus of the track, the heavy instrumental is replaced with a guitar and focuses on the vocals. The song then fades out and ends with the sound of calm ocean waves, ending the song with a lighter feeling.

The next song, “agit”, is another upbeat track. Matching the catchy tone, the track is about sharing secret memories with an important person. The lyrics “Our own hideout, my youth fantasy / With you, I have nothing to fear” encompass the meaning that members Dosie and Na Go Eun wanted to convey. At first listen, if I had not known whose song it was, I would have guessed it was a TWICE track based on the sound of the instrumental. I found this one to be my favorite, especially because I enjoy listening to upbeat songs the most.

“So Far So Good” is the last track and a perfect medium-tempo ballad song to end the album. This ballad is about falling for someone and getting to know them. The lyrics “Talk with you all night / Because I want to know you” express the feelings that most people have when they have the experience of falling in love. As it is a ballad, the song relies more on vocals rather than instruments to make an impact. 

Overall, the group’s new take on the dark and mysterious concept that many other girl groups have also taken a spin on is smart. If you are into the type of dark pop that doesn’t take on the typical girl crush style or groups like TWICE, (G)I-DLE, or SUNMI, I suggest checking out Purple Kiss’ album and get pulled into the mystery of “Cabin Fever.”