Personalize your drink with any combination of flavors at ‘happyfastdelicious’

Appeal to your tastes and creative freedom with custom coffee



Happyfastdelicious’ drive-thrus are almost always empty, and with good reason. Fast service and quality product makes for a fantastic experience.
Grade: A

Venice Jingco, Staff writer

Everyday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm

2625 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Credit card accepted

Against the dull colors of the parking lot, this gem isn’t hard to spot. The distinctive colors, curvy architecture, and tongue-twisting name is enough to catch anyone’s attention. Newly opened, happyfastdelicious is designed to help customers find their balance of sweet and bitter.

The menu has a wide variety of drinks available; starting with the average coffee or milkshake, it expands into energy drinks, seltzers and sodas. Flavors are separated into three categories: classic, fruity, and “unexpected,” which includes flavors such as sour gummy worm or toasted marshmallow. Using the app’s publishing feature, customers and baristas can recommend custom-made drinks that will add onto the menu. In addition, happyfastdelicious encourages their customers to modify any drink according to their taste. Even if a drink were published by a different person, any customer can tweak the amount of flavor, caffeine or type of milk inside to match their tastes.

When making my order, the app occasionally glitched and crashed, proving it difficult to even check-out. But once the customer pays for the first time, they can save their credit card information to make future payments easier. The screen after payment will change colors and text to indicate the drink is finished being made.

Ordering is done purely through the drive-thru: one lane is for app-pickup, and the other is for ordering like a regular drive-thru. There’s no interior for customers, but seating nearby for people on foot.

At first glance, I would’ve never assumed that happyfastdelicious sold coffee. The vibrant exterior and strange shapes are unusual, and though fun and bright, the exclamation point logo isn’t telling either. But this also works in its favor, as happyfastdelicious sticks out against the gray scenery of the parking lot.

The Banana Bread Latte ($5.49), recommended by a barista, tasted almost exactly like its description: “Imagine chocolate chip banana bread, straight from the oven.” I’m an avid lover of banana bread, so I was excited to try it out. The flavors blended together into a slight bread-like taste, reminiscent of an actual banana bread. However, the chocolate was barely there, and the banana was strong on the tongue, despite there only being two pumps of chocolate and one pump of banana. Nonetheless, the drink was still enjoyable, though I’d add another pump of chocolate when reordering.

Next, I tried ordering a drink that was sweeter in contrast to the last. The Smooth Caramel ($7.28), published by a customer, was the perfect choice; high on sweetness and low on coffee, with pumps of Hawaiian salted caramel, white chocolate, vanilla and dulce de leche. Drinking it was like a sweet explosion of a rich caramel flavor that, though a bit empowering, wasn’t at all unpleasant.

Lastly, I tried to experiment with the unexpected flavors in the app. I chose to create a milkshake, added four pumps of cotton candy and a single pump of sweetener, and topped it with whipped cream and sprinkles ($5.48). I added the sweetener to enhance the cotton candy, since I didn’t expect the flavor to be strong. Instead, I was blasted with a drink that was like liquified cotton candy. It burned at the back of my throat because of how sweet it was, but I didn’t entirely dislike the flavoring. If I had the chance, I’d remake the drink without any sweetener and a pump less of cotton candy.

Without a doubt, happyfastdelicious lives up to its name. The minimal interaction makes my introverted heart happy, the service is fast, and the drinks have potential to be truly delicious with minor tweaking. I enjoyed the experimental aspect of creating a drink, and recommend this drive-thru cafe to anybody who struggles to find their perfect blend of coffee.