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Applications now being accepted for cafeteria workers

Applications now being accepted for cafeteria workers Up to 40 students may be hired

Jackelyn Romo April 26, 2018

For those looking to add real work experience to their resumes, 40 positions are available for the 2019 school year in the school cafeteria. "I loved meeting new people from different classes that you...

English classes perform Shakespeare’s plays

English classes perform Shakespeare’s plays Dressing up and staying in character is part of their grade

Jackelyn Romo April 5, 2018

Taking a different approach to teaching Shakespeare, Mrs. Samantha Yoder’s English 12 classes are performing the play, Twelfth Night. All scenes will be performed by students during class and at the...

Collaborative PBL between English 11 and Physics classes begin

Collaborative PBL between English 11 and Physics classes begin Juniors expected to create a research essay on science

Jackelyn Romo March 21, 2018

Juniors in Mr. Robert Davis' English class and Mr. Partick Waddington's physics class are beginning a new collaborative PBL. While the focus of the lab is the same as last year's PBL, this project focuses...

Adoption: a life changing process

Adoption: a life changing process How both sides are impacted

Jackelyn Romo and Cosette Zielinski November 15, 2017

“I’m adopted." As soon as those words leave senior Jordan Salas's mouth, he is immediately met with a stunned silence and an expression of pity. Telling people that he is adopted has always been...

Stepping off the field

Stepping off the field What an athlete goes through once they’ve been injured

Jackelyn Romo and Alexis Drevetzki March 22, 2017

Adrenaline courses through junior Dustyn Weber as he runs up and down the field. The ball is kicked around the grass as his opponents take it to their goal. More than halfway down the field now, he makes...

No meat, no problem

No meat, no problem Students choose animal-free diets

Jackelyn Romo and Alexis Drevetzki February 3, 2017

Standing in line with her friends, junior Natalia Reed scans the menu in search of something to eat. Her friends offer suggestions: chicken wings, hamburgers and seafood. But they all contain something...

An Hour In ... AP Human Geo Field Trip

An Hour In … AP Human Geo Field Trip A one day trip to the Grand Canyon

Jackelyn Romo December 1, 2016

In Mr. Pate Thomas' AP Human Geography class, a field trip took place to see Native American artifacts at the Grand Canyon. During the trip, the class got to visit the Grand Canyon Sky Walk as well. [slideshow_deploy...

Excited to perform her first phlebotomy, junior Paulina Grijalva takes her time as she prepares the equipment. She steps up to the counter and gets ready to draw some blood. When I got to work, with the phlebotomy arm it was definitely mind blowing, Grijalva said. I was extremely excited to actually be practicing this at such a young age. It helps me realize that I really want to do this for the rest of my life as a career.

An Hour In … Medical Assisting Performing lab tests for the first time

Jackelyn Romo November 2, 2016

Mrs. Sara Hartwich's Medical Assisting class recently got to perform multiple lab procedures. Of these lab procedures a phlebotomy, urinalysis, hemoglobin and a glucose test was done. In order to do a...

All inked up

All inked up Meet students and teachers with tattoos

Jackelyn Romo October 27, 2016

Sitting in silence as the humming buzz of the tattoo gun begins, senior Jules Dizon attempts to hide the pain as the needle digs into his skin. The pain begins as bearable but as time moves on he gets...

An Hour With . . . New teachers

An Hour With . . . New teachers Find out their previous jobs

Jackelyn Romo September 23, 2016

There are many new teachers on campus. As they get accustomed to the school and their classrooms, find out what they did before they were teachers and why they changed career paths. [slideshow_deploy...

No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too great

No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too great Meet students with parents in the military

Jackelyn Romo May 21, 2016

“Sir, yes, sir!” she shouts as she marches around the house following the orders of her father, an ex-military man. When she returns, she stands with her hands behind her back as her father inspects...

After many hours of working on their website, freshmen Brittny Mikhaiel and Jayda Poblete are presenting to their class. There site focused on the 12 astrology signs and showing the reader all about the signs. Our website was on astrology, Poblete said. We created separate pages describing each of the 12 signs and our index page contained a chart to figure our your sign. The links were included in the index, as well as pictures explaining random interesting facts about the signs. It took us about two and a half weeks to finish our astrology website.

An Hour In … Business Software Applications Students present the website that they created

Jackelyn Romo February 19, 2016

Students in Mr. Jeffery Ball's Business Software Applications class present the website that they created during class. These websites were created using coding and links that the students have learned...

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