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Taking a break or ending it?

Taking a break or ending it?

February 25, 2014
In any relationship, problems will arise that require making a tough decision that affects both parties.
Making simple mistakes is a forte of mine, but lately they have become my worst enemy with my personal relationships with those I appreciate most.

Masked calls to change

February 18, 2014
We, as human beings, are able to make mistakes; it is just a matter of cleaning up the mess afterwards that takes a toll on us.
Choosing between priorities is a tricky decisions meaning you have to take on all at once.

More to juggle than to enjoy

February 11, 2014
Although it sounds like the right choice, taking on more responsibilities doesn’t always benefit you.
Annoyance eventually reaches a tolerance that can no longer be handled.  Photo Credit: Danialle Frahm

Crankiness or annoyance?

February 4, 2014
Dealing with someone of intolerable annoyance can be hard to do.
The only real excitement of turning 16 is the cake and not much else. Its only really just another teenage year.

16 years but still no change

January 7, 2014
To some, turning 16 is a major deal to them that signifies a sign of adulthood. But, finally turning 16 has shown that it’s really just another year.
Emotional readings

Emotional readings

December 17, 2013
The way a book or novel is conveyed through the author's words can be the trigger for an emotional connection to characters, leaving the reader feeling a variety of emotions including hate, sadness or happiness.
Its the meaning in each lyric, the sound of each guitar strum and the melodic harmonies made by the singer that are the reason for my positivity lately.Photo Credit: Brittnie Truax

Music (un)appreciation

December 10, 2013
Music doesn't receive as much recognition for the positive benefits it provides.
The most common phase of recovering from a breakup is the first stage, which is the stage of denial. Girls usually are in a grief of depression and cry while stuffing themselves full of junk foods.

Stages of a breakup

November 26, 2013
Rather than being stuck in a rut of sadness from a breakup, follow along these stages to recover in the most calmest and safest manner.
Sometimes, when you discover a place you love, you eventually have to say goodbye.  Photo Credit: Tamara Navarro

Leaving paradise

November 19, 2013
Discovering new places that you immediately fall in love with is the best feeling until the day arrives when you have to pack your bags.
Saying I love you has no longer been a significant way to express feelings; it has become an act that is expressed too soon without feeling it.Photo Credit: Brittnie Truax

I love you…too soon?

November 13, 2013
The love in a relationship doesn’t seem to be determined by how one feels anymore, but instead is just a term used without meaning.
Seeing through someone elses point of view, such as looking through their glasses, gives you a different outlook to seeing a perspective on situations.  Photo Credit: Danialle Frahm

Walk a mile in my shoes

November 5, 2013
During an argument, whether it be between a friend or a parent, we tend to focus on the view from only our side of it.
Sure, you love your friends, but do you love the overbearing feeling of meddling that they give within your relationship? Photo credit: Tonatiuh Gomez

It only takes two to tango

October 29, 2013
Prevent yourself from becoming the third-wheel, and learn to only chime in when it is necessary.

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