BREAKING: Student Council reveals information for first Homecoming in two years A price cut and and more restrictive limitations have been announced

The information from the Student Council, including the process of royalty nominations, come as the first quarter nears its end. Art Credit: Juliana Borruso

A month into the return to in-person learning, students received the first pieces of information as to how the Homecoming Dance will be conducted. Student Council members were tasked with going around to students’ 7th period classes and providing this news.

The first Homecoming in two years, the presence of COVID-19 has caused the Student Council to implement preventive measures for the spread of the virus.

  • There will be three separate dances with a maximum of 250 students each.
  • All three will occur outdoors, as the virus transmits significantly less outside, and masks will be mandated, in accordance with CCSD rules.
  • Tickets for students will start at $20, a 33% reduction from the previous in-person Homecoming.
  • Homecoming royalty nominations start next week. Students can donate a dollar or a canned food item to nominate a person.
  • The dance will be held at school.
  • Updates are expected to follow.