Student Council / Key Club, Cafeteria, Mondays at 2 P.M.

In preparation for the upcoming sadies dance, Student Council and Key Club are creating decorations to fit the theme World of Color. The dance will be on Friday, Feb. 22 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the gym.  

“The dance will be a blacklight dance,” junior Stefanos Bingham said. “We decided on this theme by having Student Council and Key Club members vote and we thought that this would be the most unique theme.”

To get students ready for the dance, there will be a Disney-themed spirit week starting next Monday. Spirit days include Sleeping Beauty Day, Lilo and Stitch Day, Monsters University Day and Disney Character Day.

This is a student requested dance,” Bingham said. “We haven’t had a Sadies dance in a few years because not a lot of people attended in previous years. If students don’t show up to the dance, then it won’t happen again.”

FBLA, C-102, Tuesdays at 2 P.M.

Future Business Leaders of America will be competing in the State Business Leadership Conference On April 7 at Reno.

“To prepare for state, we look into all the different types of competitions that students may be interested in competing in,” senior Angela Sudjana said. “There are sample tests on the FBLA website that students can study from as well as Quizlets online.”

In previous years, members have placed in the top ten in their competitions. Sudjana hopes FBLA continues to rank high in the competitions.

“Compared to last year, we have more members participating in state,” Sudjana said. “Last year, we did the regional testing and a majority of our members who participated got top three.”

SkillsUSA, C-126, Tuesdays at 2 P.M.

SkillsUSA will be competing in the SkillsUSA State Leadership and Skills Conference on Tuesday, April 9. The competition will take place in Reno.

“SkillsUSA mainly focuses on hobbies and interests of the students,” junior Nayeli Martinez said. “I like to work on commercial baking. There’s also other categories students can compete in like T-shirt design and radio broadcasting.”

In order to prepare for the upcoming competition, officers help members in similar competitions. Martinez hopes to bring home a win in her category.

“In the beginning of competitions, we go over basic guidelines and we meet up with our officers to make sure we have all the information,” Martinez said. “There’s only three people from our school competing in my category. We have never won before, so I hope that this our lucky year.”

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