Dental II students begin Preventive Dental Care Unit Sophomores apply their knowledge on the different measures to prevent teeth issues in real-life scenarios


Kathryn Peterson

Beginning a new unit on preventative dental care, set to last until the end of the month, students in Dental II are learning about the measures they can take at home and in the dental lab to prevent cavities and gum disease.

“[This unit] actually helps with the foundation of dentistry,” Dental teacher Kristen Winfield said. “You need to know good brushing techniques, you need to know how to actually educate your patients, you need to be aware of how to do basic skills such as applying sealants to teeth.”

Students will be doing more hands on activities in this unit including a sealant lab, preparing them for future job opportunities. 

“This unit is important because it teaches us a lot about our mouths,” sophomore Adileni Salamanca said. “It helps us take care of our patients and give them the information that we learn.”

Taking in the lessons, many students have started changing their dental care routines after going through their notes.

“[This unit] makes me more self-conscious,” sophomore Angelina Bosuwan said. “[Specifically] about what I eat and what I do with my teeth and the preventative measures I can take so I won’t get cavities, mouth disease, and whatnot.” 

Despite just beginning the unit, students have learned the importance of good dental care and their daily routines.

“It’s really important because everyone has a set of teeth and you only get one set of teeth,” Bosuwan said. “If you lose your tooth, it’s gone or if you get some kind of infection in your gum, you’ll have to suffer the consequences, so you better take care of it now.”