Dungeon & Dragons club create characters, campaigns in the first meeting of the year Members meet online for the first time

As part of the first Dungeons and Dragons meeting, club adviser Levi Harbeson explained the roles of the different characters. “I'm truly looking forward to getting to play in person again, but we have to make the most of what we can do now, and that's play online," Harbeson said. Photo Credit: Ayma Malik

After taking over the Dungeons and Dragons club, a popular role playing game where players are able to create their own characters and fight battles, club adviser Levi Harbeson created a virtual version of the game during digital learning. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the club will continue to meet online.

“I was excited to provide the students with an opportunity to play D&D, and I knew I had the resources to make it happen virtually,” Harbeson said. “[With] my connections in the industry, I was able to obtain a variety of digital assets that made playing D&D in a virtual setting possible and just as fun as in real life.”

Compared to last year, D&D has been able to gain roughly 50 new members.

“There has been a huge increase in student interest this year for Dungeons and Dragons club, which has been totally unexpected and a fantastic surprise,” Harbeson said. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to share a game I’m so passionate about with students.”

D&D will meet online every other Wednesday each month.

“Dungeons & Dragons, and games in general mean the world to me,” Harbeson said. “They provide a safe place for young people to gather and be themselves while hanging out with friends and telling stories and there is [nothing] better than that.”

Due to the number of members, Harbeson has been facing difficulty for everyone to be able to play.

“The greatest challenge is that D&D Club will experience some growing pains as the club gains more members,” Harbeson said. “The digital assets that were donated to the school can only be accessed by 30 students at once, and we have just about 50 members. In person, you can just point and say ‘You five students are in Shane’s campaign!’ But online you have to make a spreadsheet, assign each student into the session, make sure they have the link, and then go over the instructions with each of them.”

In spite of the minor issues, members are hopeful and glad to start playing.

“A friend of mine showed me their D&D character and told me about it,” sophomore Aleyah Hilario said. “I thought it was cool and fun so I decided to join the club.”

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