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The risks of commitment

The fear of failure or the lack of ambition?

Prior to getting a tattoo, I was faced with a barrage of second thoughts. I haven’t really thought about whether I would still like my tattoo 50 years from now, nor have I decided if I want to get something permanently drawn on my arm.

There were so many risks and ‘what-if-scenarios’ that came to light when I talked to my parents about a tattoo. What if the artist isn’t as talented as I thought? What if the tattoo’s quality is mediocre? What if I can’t handle the pain? I’ve committed to a lot of things before: writing for journalism and paying for all my monthly subscriptions. I can safely say that this tattoo was one of my only risky decisions I’ve made in my life. 

I’ve lived a low-risk, low-reward life, always taking the safest option. It’s much harder to follow through with a responsibility when there’s a larger margin of error, which is why I waited so long to get tattooed. However, I should take more risks when it comes to other goals in life, like my education and my future.

There are some people that would risk everything to accomplish their dreams. People drop out of college to pursue more unstable career choices, like full-timeYouTubers and artists. For me, however, I’ve always been scared to try. Application fees are pricey, scholarships are time-consuming and my crippling self-doubt stops me from getting past ‘what is your name?’

Different students have different types of responsibilities that they have to follow. For me, I’ve always had my sights set on attending UNLV, but students who are higher-achieving direct their focus on ivy league schools like Brown University and MIT. With that goal set in mind, any action that would hinder their academics would have to be closely monitored.

I’ve lived a low-risk, low-reward life, always taking the safest option.

Living my life with that kind of attentiveness isn’t the way I would like to live. But these students have made the conscious decision to go through with that lifestyle. Students like me should be able to match that type of commitment. It doesn’t matter what college you go to, it’s the ambition to do your best that will set you apart from the under-achievers. 

Who is to say what risks are worth taking? If one just keeps their focus on their future and make sure they’re achievable. There will be times where life challenges you with a choice, it all just boils down to your willingness to trust in your ability to make decisions. 

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