Masks aren’t political

This is why you should keep your mask on


Kayla Thomas

Half a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, with a thousand Americans dying a day, President Trump is still insistent on downplaying the threat of the coronavirus. These statements are penetrating the minds of people all across the US, causing them to question their actions concerning the pandemic. Despite anything Trump says, COVID-19 is real. So everybody, including children, should be wearing masks and practicing social distancing. 

As of last month, a total of 34 states enforced mask mandates, and polls revealed that the majority of people inside those states support it. Even before it became mandatory, the minority expressed how much they were against masks. Recently, a video went viral on social media, showing a group of people marching through the aisles of a Target store protesting against wearing masks. Protesters chanted, “Take it off!” and others wore Trump’s merchandise. There was, surprise, no social distancing or masks, leaving protesters vulnerable to the virus. 

Cases and deaths continue to increase everyday. There have been 200,000 deaths and almost 7,000,000 cases in the U.S. that could easily be a family member or friend that’s passed on or suffering. Knowing that such a painful death is preventable should encourage people to follow social-distancing practices, so, what justifies going against the mandate? 

One possible reason why people choose not to wear masks is because of the political party they’re a part of. According to The Day Newspaper, Republicans are less likely than Democrats to wear a mask. Trump has made multiple comments about not wearing masks, so it has become a sign of their support for him. But, partisan loyalty should never be more important than literal life.

Even with all of the evidence pointing to masks’ effectiveness, these people are banding together thinking that by gaining numbers solely based on political stance that they can fly in the face of the most modern medical advice; somehow, they’re feeling invincible against COVID-19 based on just their party position.  The president’s ever changing outlook on the coronavirus has led them to this false stigma of believing that the virus isn’t a threat and that masks aren’t all that important. 

Many Trump supporters don’t understand the effect of their actions on our country. Medical workers leave their children everyday to save the lives of those who caught the coronavirus and scientists have spent months on end trying to create vaccines so innocent lives can be protected. Taxpayers have worked day and night to provide money for research and medical equipment. All the hard work society is putting in to build a better and safer America is being reversed with every mask that isn’t worn in public. So Americans must stick together, no matter what their political stance is to protect each other and ourselves, because all of this is real, and the way we handle it will determine the future of America.

Do you support the mask mandate?