AnkiApp: An Alternative to Quizlet

Study flashcards without restrictions


Emmanuel Miranda

“AnkiApp” is a flashcards app that provides you with flashcards you can study as many times as you want.
Rating: B+
Screenshot of app: AnkiApp

Emmanuel Miranda, Staff Writer

Studies show that for the 2023 school year, 15.4 million students have enrolled in public high schools all across the United States. Those students are looking for tools to help them study for upcoming tests, with many of them turning to Quizlet as the preferred resource. But recently, Quizlet changed their platform so fewer functions are available for free. This change made the “Learn” and “Test” modes become part of Quizlet Plus, a paid portion of the website. Fortunately, “AnkiApp” created by Boris Sofman, Mark Palatucci, and Hanns Tappeiner, is helping students access different flashcards for different subjects. 

To access Anki you can visit their web app or download the app on Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows by clicking the download links on their Anki home website. To use the app, users sign up using their email address and a password that they make up. After signing up, a page pops up asking what you are trying to study. This is where you can find the broad categories, such as “Language,” “Medicine,” Law,” etc. The app’s algorithm has a system which selects cards that maximizes your learning which is a helpful feature. Swiping right gives some information on how to use AnkiApp like syncing data, finding decks, reviewing a deck, testing your personal knowledge, and how to rate your answer.

After reviewing all the information, it will direct you to the home page containing different sections for your decks, folders, shared decks, and study groups. Different flashcards made by other people can be found by pressing the search button which has a magnifying glass as an icon on the bottom left of your screen, and then by pressing the prompt, “Browse Public Decks.” From there, you can choose different flashcard decks to study without restrictions. There is also a “Stats” button which helps you find out how many times you’ve reviewed your flashcards on that day, your “reviews per day” average, how many times you reviewed your flashcards in total, and your streak of studying flashcards. I would consider this feature not as important as the others because if you’re just studying flashcards and don’t care for anything else, then you probably wouldn’t care for your personal stats that Anki provides for you.

You can also set your daily study goal which can be any amount of flashcards that you want to review every single day. In my opinion, this isn’t really that important and I see it as pointless since it doesn’t affect your studying. You can set up study groups which share your studying progress with other people in the group. This feature is probably my favorite feature out of the other features this app offers. The reason for this is because you can study the same things with other people and share your progress.


Although there are many great features of AnkiApp, there are also some drawbacks. Sometimes you can’t find a deck that contains the information that you need to study so you will have to create your own. Creating a deck is a really helpful feature since you can make your own study materials. Also, there are other pointless features for AnkiApp that can only be accessed with an AnkiApp Unlimited Membership for $24.99 a year, or by buying a “Lifetime” membership for unlimited access forever for $48.99. The subscription is probably the worst thing about the app because it provides pointless features such as “access to AnkiApp Web” and unlimited access to Anki on more than one device. These features are pointless since you can already access AnkiApp Web and when you want to log onto Anki on a different device, all you need to do is sign out on your other device.

Overall, AnkiApp is a decent app with not as many restrictions as Quizlet that helps people study for a test or exam quickly from anywhere. Although there might be some drawbacks with finding the right flashcards, having several pointless features, and offering you a subscription that isn’t worth it, this app gets the job done and has the potential to help you study with no restrictions.

AnkiApp is absolutely free online, on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.