Head into a state of euphoria with ‘Moonstone’ Soothing, gentle sounds from upcoming artists’ new EP

Releasing music year after year, Raveena has recently come up with a new EP called “Moonstone”, portraying reminiscents from her past, seeking the little glimpses of life and having a bright side to any bad story.
Rating: A
Photo Courtesy of NPR

New York-based singer-songwriter, formerly known as Raveena, introduces her viewers to a dreamy, tranquil state of mind using her soft-spoken voice. Her latest EP, “Moonstone” perfectly represents that feeling.  

Since building a following after her 2017 EP release, ‘Shanti’, Raveena has continued to release new music. In a recent Instagram post regarding the release of “Moonstone,” Raveena mentioned, “These are songs to kiss goodnight to your loved ones, amongst other things.”

Beginning with subtle lo-fi music beats, the first song of the EP, “Headaches,” automatically feels like those movie scenes where the wind is blowing in your face and you’re living your best life. However, the lyrics tell otherwise. The song, instead, is reminiscent of an old memory, “It was kinda like a summer love / OJ and soda / So sweet it could kill ya.” Although her genre of music is R&B/Soul, I felt touches of indie-pop through a repetitive electric guitar element that carried throughout the entire song. 

With the inclusion of different soft-sounding instruments, the third song of the EP, “Close 2 U,” captures the end of a love story. Although seemingly sad, the song makes a balance through percussion beats and once again, an electric guitar. The contrast between the lighthearted instrumentals and lyrics make for a well-thought piece. 

One track that caught my attention was “Starflower” where it centered on Raveena’s gentle and silky smooth voice, played with acoustics. The overall song portrays a bright side to any bad story presenting themes of ‘Starflower’ being a person and that they should be perfectly okay with who they naturally are. Lyrics mention, “Starflower sings like the bluest bird / They will all come to you for relief / They will all cherish you / Because you’re sweet.” This play on words, along with the vocal melody, perfectly pairs along with one another with its simplicity and heartfelt touch. 

Love songs are common in the music industry, however, with Raveena’s unique tenderness of her voice and slight additions of gentle funk and indie-pop thrown into the mix, she displays such an ‘airy’ vibe to her tunes. This not only differentiates her from other R&B artists, but makes her singing simple for anyone to enjoy. 

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