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After years without any issues with graffiti, administrators are noticing an increase in vandalism. Students who are found contributing to the vandalism will face disciplinary action. I always hear about the drawings in the boys bathroom, and they are always the most immature things.” junior Alyssa Miguel said. One of my guy friends even saw a sandwich in the toilet once. Photo Credit: Tishie Nyitray

'> Ongoing Vandalism forces action from administrators Increased graffiti found in boy's bathroom

Tishie Nyitray April 20, 2022

A wave of vandalism incidents has attracted the attention of school administrators. The defacements of men's bathrooms have led to disciplinary actions, including restroom escorts being assigned to the...

While researching a topic for her Communications speech, junior Francesca Lungu cannot access her topic because it flags GoGuardian restrictions. The number of restrictions that are put in place by GoGuardian can are hindering students learning opportunities. “I really wish that everyone was forced to use the Chromebooks for one week,” Communications teacher Henry Castillo said. “Everyone in the district, the superintendent, the principal, for one week.” Photo Credit: Tishie Nyitray

‘GoGuardian’ is meant to improve school security but is doing the opposite Students are unable to access important educational resources on school accounts

Tishie Nyitray March 10, 2022

In order to keep students safe and protected online, schools put in place numerous safeguards and rules. The implementation of GoGuardian is just one of the attempts the CCSD has made to keep us protected....

Trustees responses to student violence will be covered in a Thursday meeting. The thousands of violent incidents reported this school year have caused concern among some policymakers. Photo Credit: CCSD

Wave of school violence prompts response from board of trustees A recorded assault at Las Vegas High drew outrage from parents, board members

Ahmed Ahmed and Tishie Nyitray March 7, 2022

A number of violent incidents at CCSD campuses have drawn significant anger from some community members. A school board meeting scheduled for Thursday will center around the topic, with board members debating...

While reviewing bedside procedures necessary for the nursing field, junior Vanessa Thou prepares for the “End of Program” test. After three years in their program, the EOP is designed to test students’ knowledge. “I’m reviewing my old notes as well as anything that could be considered important to know, which is a lot,” Thou said. “I have also been reviewing the standards so I can have a better understanding of what could appear throughout the test.” Photo Credit: Tishie Nyitray

Students complete End of Program Tests Exams are an important marker for students, teachers alike

Tishie Nyitray February 25, 2022

Students across campus completed their end-of-program tests this week.   “I was nervous for the EOP because it is a big part of what I need in order to graduate and the passing score is 75%...

Gov. Steve Sisolak lifts Nevada state mask mandate. Art Credit

'> BREAKING: Mask Mandate Lifted in CCSD The district's move follows other states dropping restrictions

Ahmed Ahmed and Tishie Nyitray February 10, 2022

Following Governor Steve Sisolak's announcement that the statewide mask mandate would be dropped, districts were left with the choice as to if they'd keep the policy in schools. Clark County School District...

The official announcement from the CCSD Twitter. Courtesy of CCSD Communications

BREAKING NEWS: CCSD adjusts calendar for a five-day pause With increasing staff shortages, the District has adjusted the 2022 calendar in order to combat the spread of COVID-19

Gurleen Swaich and Tishie Nyitray January 11, 2022

The Clark County School District announced a five-day pause period yesterday, due to staffing shortages related to COVID-19.  Jan. 14 will replace the previously scheduled staff development day on...

Thursday’s School Board meeting resulted in major changes to CCSD. Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara was terminated, while Board President Linda Cavazos’ termination proposal was tabled. “We have our whole district burning down around us,” Cavazos said. “This is something that no longer can be ignored. We must address it.” Photo Credit: Screenshot of Meeting

CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara fired in a 4-3 vote School Board meeting results in termination

Tishie Nyitray November 4, 2021

During Thursday's CCSD school board meeting, the trustees voted to terminate Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara's contract.   The grounds for termination were "for convenience,” meaning they didn't...

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