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BSU's Volleyball Event Jumps In

Club Preview: A look into the week of Feb. 17

Band Club, Speech and Debate, e-Sports

Band Club, every Tuesday, F101

Rehearsing their songs, Band Club members are preparing for the annual Coyote Coachella in April.

“Playing with the band has definitely helped me improve as a musician,” Band member Thomas Schotik said. “I’ve learned how to work with people and how to motivate and work well with a group.”

The band has been practicing a wide variety of songs from different artists, such as Billie Eilish and AC/DC. 

“Well, as a band, we haven’t perfected enough songs or incorporated enough members into each song,” Schotik said. “We aren’t able to present our work yet – a little more time and we will be ready to.” 

Speech and Debate, every Thursday, E131

Preparing their materials, Speech and Debate members will finish their cases and speeches for their tournament on Feb. 28-29.  

“I definitely feel excited about the upcoming tournaments,” Speech and Debate Vice President George Luo said. “However, I do feel nervous because I feel I need to practice more for the upcoming tournament.”

The upcoming tournament will have both speech and debate events, with some members participating in both categories, and at different skill brackets. 

“You can never really be 100% prepared for anything,” Luo said. “However, our members are working hard in their preparations for the upcoming tournament.”

E-Sports, every Thursday D122

Honing their gaming skills, e-Sports members are preparing for an in-club competition. 

“A lot of the members show their true skill when competing,” e-Sports member Joshua Abreu said. “I am excited to see the gameplay of our next club tournament and to see who ends up winning.”

While members have been preparing for the in-club competition, others have been practicing to compete at the LVL UP EXPO

“I am hopeful that our members will perform well at LVL UP,” Abreu said. “A lot of our members have been practicing for weeks, and I am excited to see if anyone can win first or even second place.”

Are you a member of any of these clubs?

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