Anatomy classes create 3D amusement parks A gallery walk will be held next week for projects

While making edits to his group's website, junior Timothy Chan discusses the changes he make to the website with his group. Students were given two weeks to complete the model portion of the project. "It was really hard to create a website that matches the 3D we are creating," Chan said. "However, it was a really fun thing to create." Photo Credit: Julia Cox

As a creative way to learn the digestive system, students in Ms. Jennifer Condor ‘s Anatomy and Physiology classes were tasked to create a 3D model that accurately describes and shows the structure and function of the digestive system but with a twist – it has to be an amusement park ride.

“My group and I looked at the different parts of the digestive system, so we used that as the structure and we would look at the individual parts of [it], like an organ, and we would use that to determine the function,” senior Trina Lehner said. “I thought the water park theme was a clever idea, especially because … water has a lot to do with the [digestive] system.” 

Along with the 3D model, students also have to create a sales pitch, website and commercial for the amusement park. However, the presentation for the sales pitch will occur after the 3D model is showcased.

“One of the things that was really important about this project was being able to communicate with our group mates,” senior Chloe Valdez said. “Sometimes we needed to get last minute supplies and we needed to be able to rely on each other to get the supplies to make sure our model will be a success.” 

The 3D models will be shown in the ballroom next Monday. Emails were sent out to all staff members inviting them to view the students’ work.

“One of the difficulties I had with the project was finding the materials to make the attractions,” senior Alyssa Ross said. “We had to take into consideration how many things we needed to buy and how to split up the materials between each person because some things cost more than others.” 

Assistant Principal Trisha Taylor believes that working in groups to complete a task will prepare them for life outside of high school.

“Whenever there is an authentic audience for students to showcase their work, it makes students step up a little bit,” Taylor said. “The students know that their work is going to be on display and it’s not just something their teacher is going to grade.” 

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