Donations begin for annual Socktober drive Providing warmth for ones in need

Transfering donated socks StuCo members Michayla Sumabat and Aolani Paculan, sort the different class donations they received. "Donating socks is really important especially in this time of year because you never think how much you appreciate socks until you're really cold," StuCo member Michayla Sumabat said. "It can also make a really big difference in someone’s life." Photo Credit: Naila Yazdani

Providing for the homeless and individuals in need, Student Council is starting their annual sock drive.

 “We do this to be able to reach out to the homeless community a lot easier,” StuCo member Daniela Garcia said. “Donating socks is important because during the cold times of year, no one wants their toes to be cold and so we donate socks to help the less fortunate mainly the homeless youth.”

The sock drive started on Oct. 21 and will end Nov. 1. Students are only allowed to donate in their seventh period class, in order to keep track of the sock pairs.

“We really just want to reach out to our community and a lot of the time we focus on school-wide fundraisers, but now we’re starting to focus it a lot more towards the community,” Student Council adviser Christina Bousema said.

The sock drive has been a yearly tradition since 2014. Every year, hundreds of socks are donated. StuCo plans to ensure the same happens again by encouraging students and offering a dessert party as a prize.

“We hope that students will be able to learn the true meaning behind why this is so important and why we encourage this every year,” StuCo member Bianca Horst said. 

Socks will be counted after Nov. 1. and the winning class will be announced on the morning announcements.

“I think that students should donate because it will help the community and that’s one of the main things that we want students to gain from this activity,” StuCo member Daniela Ayala said.