Providing students with an opportunity to participate in sports at school, the PE teachers will be holding the annual badminton tournament on Mar. 19 and 20. Currently, 16 girls teams and eight boys teams have enrolled.

“My goal for the badminton tournament is to allow students to have fun, play sports [outside of PE] and try to win a trophy,” PE teacher Michele Schmitt said.

To enter, students must pick up and fill out a health form from one of the four PE teachers and turn it into them. Only 20 girl’s teams and 20 boy’s teams will be allowed to enter this year. Previously, the tournament did not have a limit.

“I joined the badminton tournament because badminton is basically the one sport I’m fairly confident in,” sophomore Eldina Mrkulic said. “It’s an exciting sport that relies [on] both partners together, and with my chosen partner for the tournament, I know I can count on her. It’s really just a fun sport that can easily turn competitive which I enjoy.”

Even if not all available team slots are filled, the tournament will continue as is. Teams may consist of two to three players.

“I joined the tournament because most people from the Archery Club were joining it,” sophomore Skylar Wiezorek said. “I am mostly excited to be able to spend more time with the people who were in Archery Club with me.”

For students who do not want to enter but wish to watch, they may come spectate on the sidelines in the gym after school.

“The badminton tournament helps me see new faces that I don’t really see around school so it’s a good way to meet and socialize with new people,” junior Franchesca Fajardo said. “The badminton tournament is just a really fun experience but the last couple of tournaments were pretty crowded. I’m actually glad the coaches limited it to 40 pairs or else nobody would get to play.”

Are you a fan of badminton?