Fashion III students predict the future using the fashion cycle Mood boards to be displayed in the hallway


McKenna Thayer

In an effort to predict the fashion trends of 2020, Fashion III students are conducting research on past and current trends. 

“We are going to look at the fashion cycle and see what trends might come back or the current trends might leave,” junior Casie Fierro said. “Personally I’m focusing [on styles] for teenagers. ”

Students have been tasked to create a series of questions and to research for evidence to support their predictions.

“For my research, I plan on going down The Strip to observe different fashion trends since this is a hot spot for many tourists,” junior Irene Gourley said. “This way I can observe what is trending where we live as well as in other parts of the world.”

In Fashion I and II, students focused on current trends and how they changed from previous years. Now they have to take information and patterns from previous years and predict the future. 

“I feel like this project will help me in the future of my fashion class because I will have a better understanding of what trend setters are looking for in fashion,” Gourley said. “This might be able to help me achieve my goal of creating my own line that will be essential to every trend setters wardrobe.”

Once the mood boards have been presented to the class, they will be placed on display in the E building hallway for viewing.

“It’s going to be challenging for the students because they have to prove their conclusions to me and there is no proof because it’s in the future,” Fashion teacher Nicole Carlson said. “I hope students are able to think ahead because as a designer you have to think of next years trends because we design one year in advance.”