FBLA hosting basketball game to raise funds

Bracketed tournament will take place on Jan. 31


Cosette Zielinski

To raise money for their state competition and new supplies, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is hosting a basketball game on Jan. 31 in the gym.

“We wanted to give people a chance to play basketball considering our school doesn’t do sports and this event allows them to play against other people within our school,” senior Angela Sudjana said. “One of the purposes of the game is to try and reach new potential members through fun events like these.”

To enter the tournament, students must form teams of four and pay $15 per group. A gift card is granted to the winners of the bracketed tournament.

“So far, we do not have any sign ups, but I am hoping once the game is announced on the news, we will have more people coming in,” Digital Game Development teacher Terry Lively said. “We have never done something like this before, so I am excited to see how it turns out because we have done fun stuff like this in the past and it was always a success.”

The money earned will go towards purchasing materials, such as banners, flags, tablecloth, hats and shirts, along with paying for the Nevada FBLA State Business Leadership Conference (SBLC) that is taking place April 7.

“I really hope we are able to raise a decent amount of money through this event because I am looking forward to getting new supplies and materials to help spread the FBLA spirit,” junior Moe Myint Kyal Sin said. “I see all these other clubs that have big banners or flags and I get a little jealous, but I can’t wait for us to have those things.”

Sign-up sheets and insurance waivers can be picked up in room C102 until Jan. 18. Snacks and drinks will be provided at the game by other clubs.

“If this event goes well, it will be the first of many to come,” Sudjana said. “Our board members put a lot of effort into planning this event and really hope a the end of the day that the students have fun.”

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