Fellowship opportunity offered for Republican, Democratic parties

Upperclassmen are allowed to participate


Kyle Bayudan

As the race continues for the November Midterm Elections, juniors and seniors were given the opportunity to volunteer for a candidate of their choice. Only 50 volunteers from across the valley are allowed to participate for each campaign.

“Some of my students in the past have had really great opportunities to get involved long-term and actually get hired full-time for some of these jobs,” Government teacher Joseph Juliano said. “They get to meet people like President Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

Students are able to volunteer for Republication candidate Danny Tarkanian or Susie Lee of the Nevada State Democratic party. A presentation about each campaign was given to students by field managers of each party, which explained what they would be doing if they chose to volunteer.

“Working for the campaign will be good for me to get experience in what it’s like to campaign and what it’s like to get someone elected,” senior Lindsay Hernandez said. “I’ll be able to get some good networking and meet a lot of people within our state that are politically active and other students from other schools that are engaged.”

Volunteers are able to acquire experience and learn about the importance of campaigns by networking, phone banking and going door-to-door.

“[Volunteering in the fellowship] is good for a resume and hopefully it’s something that allows students to value their role as a citizen,” Juliano said.

The next election will take place on Nov. 6 to determine who will run for congress. Citizens ages 18 and over are eligible for voting. To register for voting, click here.

“I never had the chance to volunteer for an event regarding politics before so I’m pretty interested in joining one of the campaigns since I was offered the opportunity,” junior Presiosa Prieto said. “If I’m able to volunteer and I end up enjoying it, I’ll probably do it again. It’s a good opportunity to meet new people and [volunteering] looks good on college applications.”