Graphic Design I is Taking it One Step Further With Design Skills Students begin learning how fonts contribute to the overall visual appeal

Sketching her letter forms, sophomore Emily Shields draws in her sketchbook before creating a final design. Students are highly encouraged to create as many design sketches as possible. “We’re not just looking at the letters themselves, we’re looking at them from the standpoint of being a visually pleasing element,” Graphic Design Teacher Jeffrey Ball said. Photo Credit: Alyssa Rose
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Students in Graphic Design I are completing a project on black and white typography using Adobe Illustrator. Students must use three type forms confined in one artboard, arranging the letter forms to create unity, harmony, and balance in their compositions.

“Understanding letter forms just as a design element is always beneficial,” Graphic Design teacher Jeffrey Ball said. “You can start to look at other objects around you instead of accepting them for how they are, you can interpret them in another way.”

By utilizing their knowledge from the lesson, students are using techniques such as clipping masks when using words in designs. 

“The biggest thing is just allowing each of you [students] to explore on your own,” Ball said. “Really all I’m doing is I’m giving you opportunities to challenge yourselves and start to think about the material in a creative sense.”

As students expand and experiment with their design skills in Illustrator, Ball is encouraging student questions and creativity.

“[Typography] helps me to learn what visually balances,” sophomore Ava Smith said. “I am actively learning and figuring it out as we go.”

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This project will be graded based on students ability to create their compositions and is due on September 23 at the end of the period.  As students complete this typography-specific project, they will learn new techniques and skills that they can apply to future graphic design professions. 

“It helps to understand more about design and everything that goes with that,” sophomore Leonna Redmond said. “I think it’s going to be an easy [challenge] but I especially think it will challenge me to try to think outside of the box.”