Guest speaker demonstrates for culinary sophomores Chef promotes Johnson & Wales University


Julia Jauregui

Providing a glimpse into the culinary arts program at Johnson and Wales University, guest speaker Chef Kayla Jacob gave a demonstration on basic baking and pastry skills to culinary students.

“Stay in the moment,” Jacob said. “As a chef, you can get flustered, it’s important to focus on what you need right now versus what you need to do tomorrow or an hour.”

The purpose of the demonstration was to share about the culinary opportunities at Johnson & Wales University. The program currently ranks sixth on the 30 Best Culinary Schools list.

“[My best advice is to] get out of your comfort zone,” Jacob said. “Do something you’re afraid to do. It’s really the best way to learn, and It will suck but in the end, it’ll be the best thing to happen to you.”

Due to scheduling issues, only sophomores could view the demonstration. Apple galettes topped with caramel drizzle and ice cream were baked with the help of student volunteers.

“I feel that it was a great opportunity I had and it’s a shame that only our class could experience it,” sophomore Gabrielle Bagtas said. “It was really fun getting to help Chef Kayla as I learned new tricks from her, such as baking evenly and measuring.”

Culinary students will continue to be visited by a variety of chefs in order to expand their learning, such as a chef from Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant group.

My goal is for the students to understand what the industry is actually like, as well as expose students to different areas of the industry in which they can build careers,” Chef Michael Hadobas said.