Massive cuts result in CCSD budget shortfall $256k to be removed from SWCTA


Sofia Islam

The Student Organizational Team and Parent Advisory Committee met yesterday at 4:30 p.m. to approve a strategic budget that includes cutting two teaching positions.

“[This budget cut] affects our numbers in teachers, support staff numbers, supplies, and even a few courses that we offer,” Assistant Principal Trish Taylor said. “There will be an increase in class size, like a 1:39 ratio. We may not be able to offer program classes that are secondary and some AP classes that have fewer than 15 students.”

Principals of each school in CCSD are required to propose their plan to the district by today. Schools were required to cut a total of $47 million from the $68 million deficit.

“Our mission is to inspire students to create and achive,” Principal Donna Levy said. “With budget cuts, we are not capable of doing that and it makes it harder on everyone. I am extremely frustrated with the continued cuts. I keep the education of students in mind with everything I do, and these cuts make it harder to meet the needs.”

To fix the deficit, high schools will need to make an estimated cut of $184 per student– approximately $256,000 will need to be cut from the SWCTA budget.

“Just to see CCSD getting a budget cut makes feel sad,” junior Laurence Eslava said. “There are teachers that I really enjoy, and I also feel like they’ve done a lot for students. Teachers shape future generations and it makes me feel like future opportunities could be slim.”

For the past two years, CCSD has faced a budget shortfall. Discussions continue about alternative funding sources such as the hotel room and marijuana tax.

“The budget cut is unfortunate for the school and students,” Hospitality teacher Catherine Viggato said. “Its upsetting to think that some teachers will have to relocate and that other electives will not be available for students. I think our school will have a very different environment for the upcoming year.”

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