New chef added to Culinary Two teachers will instruct program

In order to fulfill the need for a new culinary teacher, Mr. Carlos Gomez was hired on Feb. 26; originally, Gomez served as a cafeteria manager at the school two years ago. 

“My first two weeks have gone great and I have been accepted fairly well”, Gomez said. “It is a change from my old job here, but it was a positive change.”

Gomez is currently shadowing Culinary teacher Ruben Munoz to learn about lesson planning, classroom management and how to use the available culinary equipment.

“There is a lot that goes into learning how to teach a specialty when you never done it,” Gomez said. “As for the classes, I assume we will ‘split up’ the freshmen, sophomore and junior classes between Munoz and I, but I would love to teach anything.”

Both chefs will be required to teach two different grade levels. The assignment of which grade levels will be taught by which instructor will be decided before the start of next school year.

“I am excited to see that we have the opportunity with two chefs yet again,” Assistant Principal Trish Taylor said. “It brings back more opportunities to this school and now Chef Munoz will have lots of help within the program.”

Gomez had previous experience in catering which he plans to incorporate into the current program.

“Chef Gomez seems like a really nice guy and I am hoping that students will have a lot to learn from him,” freshman Misha Kostsov said. “I am looking forward to experience him as my chef and I am excited for the next year.”

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