New math course offered focusing on finance

Teaching students a simpler form of algebra


Naila Yazdani

To help certain students understand their previous math classes, Geometry teacher Randy Suba is piloting the new Financial Algebra class.

“I wanted to try out this class because I know certain kids will not be able to do well in the math for their grade level,” Suba said. “This class makes it easier for them to succeed and to understand what they are learning when it comes to math.”

This course is already being piloted in other schools in the district, such as Desert Oasis High School and Northwest Career and Technical Academy. The class is being offered to sophomores, juniors and seniors who did not meet the standard criteria in Geometry. 

“I can be independent in this class and that really means a lot to me because in my other math classes I haven’t been able to,” junior Joshua Handley said. “This class Individually has given me the opportunity to become a more independent person and help me with my future.”

The topics that will be taught are automobile purchasing, banking services, credit and stocks. 

“This class has helped me for one reason being that I want to buy a car soon and this class actually taught me how to buy a car,” sophomore Hayley Maw said. “This class is easier than the other ones because it is more explained and related more to real-life situations.”

This class will replace students’ Algebra II credit. After this class students will move onto the next math class they’re recommended for, such as College Readiness Math, Jumpstart 125-126 or Precalculus.

“I expect that the students will do better in this class then if they were put in a regular Algebra II class,” Suba said. “Students feel more comfortable asking for help and don’t stress much about this course since it is something a lot more simplified for many students.”