Sophomores devise apocalypse scenario

Mr. Jonathan O’Brien began his Chemistry PBL this week. His students will be creating a usable tool and a survival guide for a post-apocalyptic world. This project will continue in the spring for his classes’ Zombie Apocalypse Haunted House in the spring.

“This project captures student’s imagination well enough to create interest and excitement that translates to awesome products and deliverables come presentation time,” says O’Brien.

The students have the option to utilize any resources, tools, and materials they can access to create their survival tools. This project is meant for students to use their creativity and design skills to support the majors of SWCTA Design Academy students.

“I’ve done this project once before, freshman year, and I am still excited about it. It’s a fun project that really gets each member involved throughout the entire assignment,” comments junior Gilberto Paniagua.

Students will formally present their survival guides and tools on October 20th.