Sophomores learn to tie sutures

The sophomore health science students began learning suture techniques and methods the week of Jan. 18.

Mrs. Vicki Smith, respiratory therapy program leader, says students “need to know this material and how to do sutures.”

The students were each issued a nylon rope that is used to assist the students in learning the knots, before practicing on animal skin with thin suture material.

Students have learned several types of knots. These knots include the Instrument Tie, Two-Hand Knot, One-Hand Knot, Square Knot, Vertical Mattress Stitch, and the Simple Interrupted Stitch.

“Instrument tie is so easy,” comments sophomore Ashlyn Robinson.

Using videos from the Boston University School of Medicine, the students can observe an actual surgeon demonstrating the ties.

“She wants us to come out of this high school with skills,” says sophomore Raina Benford.

On Feb. 1, students will be demonstrating their skills on chickens for evaluation. The chickens are a simulation of human tissue, which enables students to practice their suture skills.