Dental teacher seeks donations for cancer charities Toy, Book Drive donations the focus of campaign


Gurleen Swaich

To support Childhood Cancer month, Dental Science teacher Kirsten Winfield has been spreading the message to donate and give back to struggling families. 

“The concept is that my son has been battling cancer for the last four years and I know what it’s like to be a cancer family and I know what it’s like to struggle and feel like the world has forgotten about you,” Winfield said. “September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, but it’s not just a month for these kids, it’s every day that these kids struggle in the hospitals.”

Donations such as small non-used toys and children’s books will be accepted throughout the month, in room H-123. 

“The dental teacher has been supporting her son for the past four years and it’s heartbreaking to see her work so hard to then come home to a battling son,” sophomore Lizeth Ontiveros said. “I want to give to these children and help them, and even though I can’t do it myself, we can work together to give them hope.”

The donations will be given to a variety of children, 18 years old and younger. 

“This is important because this is a big deal, especially for the children, and we want to show them that they should remain strong and we are here for them even though we don’t know what they’re going through,” said sophomore Aster Damtew. “I wish I could be there with them and help them by their side, but since I cannot by giving them toys and imaging the smile on their face brings a smile [to] my face.”

The donations will be taken to approximately six different charity groups, including Candlelighters, NCCF and Wesley’s Warriors.

“Not only my son, but all of the people I’ve met through this journey have inspired me and all of the love these families give inspires you to give back,” Winfield said. “Hopefully by giving back we are able to inspire students to work in a hospital, read to these patients and just do something good.”