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Confessions of a germaphobe

Bathroom passes are by far one of the dirtiest items in a classroom. Students spread germs amongst one another with this one item throughout the day.
Photo Credit: Alex Nedelcu

The first thing we ask for when going to the bathroom at school is a bathroom pass. Throughout the course of one day, this pass is taken, put back, played with, and obnoxiously waved around.

I have discovered a new phobia of mine, and that is germs.

I have realized how much teenagers share germs on a daily basis. From the sharing of a water bottle, the kissing couples in the courtyard, to the taking a sip out of our best friend’s water, our school sure is comfortable with each other.

I have never had the issue of germs because my parents always taught me that they would create antibodies that would then fight disease. However, it seems as I grow older, I am exposed to more and more germs. I try to be as cautious as possible when it comes to this, but sometimes people around me find my fear of germs obnoxious.

My fear of germs has not progressed enough so that I am using napkins to cover up the entire surface of my table or using a glove to touch a door handle, but I am cautious of the germs around me. Who knows where those passes have been and who touched them? Just the thought makes me cringe.

Outside of school is a different story. After exiting my germ comfort zone, and I step out of my house, I am exposed to the potential of attracting even more germs.

For most teenagers, the weekend is a carefree break from school. For me, it is a way to be exposed to more and more microorganisms. Some may say I am obsessive, but I believe it is completely normal to be cautious of the possible illnesses out there that are caused by just a touch of a door handle.

Among all of these possibilities, I have a huge fear of money. I strongly believe that money is the dirtiest of them all. No matter what anyone tell me, money is passed around everywhere. Who knows what person sneezed on the dollar bills we touch every day? Or what undergarments the bills lived in? The thought is bone chilling. I always have to wash my hands after touching any form of money, whether it is a bill or a coin.

I agree that the solution is cliche, but I think hand sanitizer could create great outcomes.  Think about it. After touching money, sanitize your hands. After opening a door, sanitize your hands. After returning a bathroom pass, SANITIZE YOUR HANDS.

We all have our fears and phobias, and I believe that before they get out of hand we should be able to do something about them, such as trying to overcome a fear by simply facing it.

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