Every human being is a creature of habit in their own ways. But, our routines affect our day to day lives more than most people know.Photo Credit: Austin Jackson

Every human being is a creature of habit in their own ways. But, our routines affect our day to day lives more than most people know.
Photo Credit: Austin Jackson

In our own ways, we are all creatures of habit. We eat our favorite foods, hang out with the same people, shop at our favorite stores, and so on. We love our routines and day-to-day activities. It is a never-ending cycle that I follow just as many others do. It’s part of being human.

Every morning I wake up at the same time and take a shower. My showers are routine. I do each task in the same order every morning. I do not know why, but my body just goes along with whatever my mind tells it to do. Then, I will blow dry my hair. I dry it to a certain point and then put in a dime size amount of my favorite curl product, Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble, and start blow-drying again.

Why do I do this? Is it because I am used to this and I know that works for me? What makes me think that something else won’t work any better?

Basically, I do not like breaking a routine because I feel as if it will “mess up” my day. Sometimes, I have the scare that something will go wrong if I do not brush my teeth right after I do my makeup. It’s strange, because even though I know nothing will happen, I am so used to what works well for me that I do not want to chance it by switching it up.

But, there are small mindless actions we make on a daily basis that can be deemed unnecessary, such as the panic I have when I think I left my phone in the house on the way out the door. One does not always need their phone as they walk to get the mail or in the living room with them as they watch TV. We are just so used to having it in our back pocket that the thought of not having it messes with our sanity.

Throughout my short lifetime, I’ve seen my fair share of those who have habits similar to mine. My stepdad is truly the king of keeping everything  the way he likes it. He has his daily schedule down to a science, even to the point that he knows for a fact that he can be completely dressed and ready in the morning in exactly 13 minutes. No more, no less. He is used to this. He knows it works, therefore he continues to do so. There is no harm in this. We feel safe; we have our happy medium. So, why change it? There is no reason to.

Change can be good for a person while it can scare others to no end. It is all in who we are and what we prefer. I think the thought of change and how it affects us is all a part of being human. We love our routines and ways of life because it helps us know who we are. It establishes our way of life which, in return, makes us who we are.