As the year goes on, frustrations grows higher and patience becomes lost in the sea of schoolwork.<br>Photo Credit: Jordan Sutton

As the year goes on, frustrations grows higher and patience becomes lost in the sea of schoolwork.
Photo Credit: Jordan Sutton

Year after year, the school year starts out with new pencils and notebooks as well as a new attitude regarding work ethic for the new year. At the beginning of the school year, we tell ourselves how studious and efficient we will be “this year.” Although, as time rolls on and the third quarter arrives, we find ourselves losing interest in our studies and motivation about everything related to school.

It starts off just fine; homework is always completed on time, grades are up, and hopes are even higher. I always found a way to make time for everything, school and social life included. Now, I wake up every morning dreading the routine of the day.

But, how can this be fixed? How can students prevent this from later in life, like in college?

I think it is routine that puts people in the doldrums of life. I become so sick of my commute to school every morning and the redundant banter of people in the hallways. Everything becomes obsolete and less meaningful after the first few months of school. I may sound like a dark and jaded person saying this, but to be honest, I have become sick of redundancy. I believe people need change in order to happily and efficiently succeed in school, at home, or in the workforce.

Perhaps by participating in a sport, applying for a job, or, simply, reading a new book from the bestseller list, you can find a balance in your daily routine and doing activities you enjoy. I recently acquired two new families to babysit for on a weekly basis. Meeting the parents and spending time with the kids adds something new and exciting to the last few months of, what seemed like, a never-ending routine. Just by adding this side-job to my weekly routine, I found myself having to pay more attention during class, as well as having to make time for my homework. This, in return, added a sense of productivity back to my life.

If you are ever feeling low about school, work, or home-life after months of participating in the same kinds of activities, do something to spice up your schedule. It does not have to be something that takes up an entire day. You could work out for 30 minutes a day, clean your room on a daily basis, or blog about your life before heading to bed. Find an activity that keeps your mind active and adds something exhilarating and eventful to your life.