There are a multitude of colleges to choose from, but deciding whether or not to leave home has to be the most difficult of choices to make.<br/>Photo Credit: Jordan Sutton

There are a multitude of colleges to choose from, but deciding whether or not to leave home has to be the most difficult of choices to make.
Photo Credit: Jordan Sutton

Narrowing down college choices can be a difficult task. There are different advantages a college consists of that will appeal over another. Since the school year began, I have struggled with the decision of the geographical location for my secondary education. I have researched multiple schools in and out-of-state, but I keep going back to the fact that I am not sure if I want to leave my home, at least for the moment.

I love the West Coast and part of me does not want to consider schools on the East Coast, but that is where my dream school is located–University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Being accepted to such a prestigious institution would be a phenomenal achievement, but is that really where I want to go? I moved to Las Vegas in 2010, specifically, to be with my mom. Sadly, I am influenced by the fact that my mother lives here and moving away from her and the rest of my family would be insanely difficult to deal with because I am not ready to say goodbye again after only three short years.

Many people say that it is important to move away from home and experience life as an adult. This statement typically applies to those who have lived in the same place with the same people for the majority of their lives. Most of my friends here, in Las Vegas, plan on leaving. Part of me wants to stay and attend UNLV for a low cost, but another part of me wants to make use of my above average grades and attend a prestigious university in an entirely different state. Although, I moved to the West Coast with the intent of leaving and staying gone for a while. I moved here to be with my family; now that I am finally here, why would I want to leave?

As for the financial aspect of my college education, remaining in-state and living at home does not seem half-bad. I would not have to worry about the student loans that many college students struggle with. If anything, I would earn my bachelor’s degree here and then attend an out-of-state school for my master’s degree. Sure, I would still have hefty loans, but I could receive the education I always wanted while saving money in the process.

In the end, I believe my decision will be made after the application process is over. Once I find out which schools I am accepted to, that is when I will make up my mind. Choosing a college in-state versus out-of-state will not be easy, but after all is said and done, I will do what is best for myself and my secondary education, whether in be in my home state or another.