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This breakout album is all that "Clarity" fans could have asked for. Fun and energetic, Glorious is a great venture.  Grade: A  Similar Artists: Marina and the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey  Photo Credit: RCA Records

“Foxes” glorious, nothing less

Those of us who danced along to ‘Clarity” all summer will be more than liberated by the long awaited release of Glorious from Foxes.
With an upbeat tempo and introspective lyrics, Tokyo Police Club shines a new light on indie rock music. This new album shows their growth over the course of their past four albums.  Grade: B+  Similar Artists: Ra Ra Riot, Matt & Kim, Graham Wright  Photo courtesy: Paper Bag Records

‘Forcefield’ a force to be reckoned with

Tokyo Police Club’s fourth studio album Forcefield, packs a great punch, but may be a little too generic.
This is one of the most addicting and underestimated games on the market, not only is it fun, but 2048 is an intense workout for your brain.  Grade: A  Photo Courtesy of Ketchapp

’2048′ addition . . . addiction

This seemingly simple game is one of the most addicting and difficult games on the market.
Karmin's 'Pulses' produces the strong melodies and articulated rap verses that the present generations crave for, but it disappoints when distinguishing itself in the scene that floods with music of that type.  Similar Artists: Rita Ora, Jessie J, Katy Perry  Grade: B-  Photo Credit: Epic Records

‘Pulses’ falls short of its own rhythm

Karmin’s ‘Pulses’ gives off a modern, pounding cadence, but it beats the same as other pop tracks in the now.
The Sashimi Rolls, which were tuna, salmon, shrimp, cucumber, and asparagus rolled into strips of daikon radish, tasted fresh and slightly sweet.  Photo Credit: Ysabel Buenaventura

Sushi Koma: Authentic Japanese, worth the price

This slightly pricey sushi place definitely satisfies.
"Lost in the Dream", The War on Drugs' third studio album, is a nostalgic yet calming compilation of '80s synth and inquisitive lyrics. The War on Drugs' album has been noted for its relaxing andante tempo, and incorporation of low-fi acoustics.  Grade: A  Similar Artisits: Bob Dylan, Morissey, Sonic Youth  Photo courtesy of Stereo Gum

Now Spinning: ‘Lost in the Dream’

The War on Drugs’ third studio album, Lost in the Dream, is a calming accumulation of gentle acoustics, and covers a plethora of themes of distress, melancholy, and nostalgia.
Lea Michele goes out of her comfort zone with Louder, and attempts to delve into the Pop world. This album only proves that she should stick to broadway.  Similar Artists: Idina Menzel, Matthew Morrison, Kristin Chenoweth  Grade: C  Photo Courtesy of Columbia Records

‘Louder’ should be turned down

Louder by Lea Michele does little to emphasize her beautiful voice.
The new Flappy Cyrus game is much more difficult that its Flappy Bird counterpart, but, it is very humorous in its pop culture reference.  Grade: A  Photo Courtesy of Talo

‘Flying Cyrus’ not to be undermined

Flying Cyrus is turning out to be just as addicting as Flappy Bird.
5by shows just how lazy we have become. Were too lazy to find our own videos, and were too lazy to create good enough apps to do it for us.  Grade: F  Photo Courtesy of StumbleUpon Inc.

’5by’ a few wires short

The 5by app is supposed to be your shortcut to the videos you want to see. Unfortunately, the only shortcut I found was in its wiring, as this app does
Beats audio is the most modern and easy way to create playlists that best fit your mood and musical taste.  Grade: A  Photo Courtesy of

‘Beats Audio’ beats musical competitors

Using musical excerpts and high tech equipment, Beats Audio is the revolutionary way to create playlists that will adhere to your mood and taste.
Photo Courtesy of Miranda & Hudes

A performance to leave you ‘In the Heights’

Las Vegas Academy impresses once again with a touching performance full of excitement, life, and the difficult choices one must make for their future.
Using brilliant musical techniques, MKTO manages to get a clear message about todays society while camouflaging it in catchy pop music.  Similar Artists: Hoodie Allen, Chiddy Bang, Kid Cudi  Grade: A+  Photo Courtesy of Columbia Records

‘MKTO’ is a blessing in disguise

Going against the mainstream heart-break and romance songs, MKTO talks about real-life issues and serious topics while managing to maintain a light and catchy beat that will draw unsuspecting listeners
The talented cast displays Michael Jackson's most well known moves and gestures throughout the show, as is seen during the act for 'Smooth Criminal.'  Grade: A  Photo Courtesy of Cirque de Soleil

‘One’ beautiful experience

The talented cast of Cirque du Soleil manages to bring Michael Jackson's music to life in this enigmatic and soulful show, using the power of music, dance, and technology.
Peroxide is an original album with an unoriginal sound. The songs mesh into one another, and none of them differ from anything you have heard before.  Similar Artists: Bon Iver, Ron Pope, Charlie Simpson  Grade: C-  Photo Courtest of Universal Music Group

‘Peroxide’ a lovely copy-cat

Nesbitt stays inside the lines with this album, making it “just another album” droning on and on. Nothing new, nothing fresh.
In the Silence is a relatively good album, with a redundant melody.  Similar artists: Bon Iver, Milky Chance, Antony and the Johnsons  Grade: C  Photo Courtesy of One Little Indian Records

‘In the Silence’ a mesh of similar songs

In The Silence has some very lovely songs, but only if they are listened to individually, as it is hard to tell the redundant songs apart from one another.