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'They Want My Soul' refuses to conform to the electronica genre, while still teasing listeners with sprinkles of synth here and there. Spoon's new album is rousing and stimulating, but never lends itself to tumult or turmoil, maintaining a classy, "smart rock" feel.
 Similar artists: Divine Fits, White Rabbits, The Walkmen  Grade: A  Photo courtesy of The Rolling Stone Magazine

Spoon’s ‘They Want My Soul’ true to motherhood of rock

Their first album in four years, Spoon dishes out the raw riffs and swinging vocals they are known for.
At $10.50, the margherita pizza was a yummy mix of cheese and dough. Much of the GameWorks menu is similarly priced at the same quality. Simple to the point of near plain, I still enjoyed this dish due to it’s classiness.  Grade: C+  Photo Credit: Althea Gevero

‘Gameworks’ arcade trumps restaurant

The newly opened GameWorks was impressive in terms of gaming and entertainment, but doesn’t quite hit the mark when it comes to food.
Though upbeat and eccentric, 1000hp by Godsmack lacks artistic integrity and is unoriginal in sound and lyrics.  Similar Artists: Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch, and Korn  Rating: D  Photo Courtesy of Republic Records

“1000hp” fails to please

Godsmack’s sixth studio album, 1000hp, is an unoriginal and unpleasant selection. Instrumentally and lyrically, it revolves around upsetting themes of hatred.
Nintendo published the thirteenth installment to a classic platform-based game with Kirby: Triple Deluxe on its most recent gaming system, the 3DS, and has taken advantage of the gyroscope feature to make the game more entertaining than ever.  Three Similar Games: Super Mario 3D World, Yoshi’s New Island, and Sonic Lost World  Grade: B-  Photo Credit: Nintendo

‘Kirby: Triple Deluxe’ ventures to a world beyond

The thirteenth installment of the classic platform-based game has taken advantage of the 3DS gyroscope feature to make the game more entertaining than ever.
Lykke Li presents a clouded, mysterious and haunting album that strays to the simplicities of romance. While the structures of her work are glaringly similar, the music itself should be held in high regard.   Similar Artists: Lana Del Rey, Soley, Imogen Heap  Grade: B+  Photo Courtesy of Atalntic Records

Emotion takes center stage in ‘I Never Learn’

Lykke Li’s new album drifts from dreamy to weary, blending the worlds of love and music into one.
American rock band Blondie has defined the true meaning of technology in their album, "Ghosts of Download", as they cover various themes, such as electricity, partying, and data.  Similar artists: Fleetwood Mac, The Bangles, and The Go-Go’s  Grade: B  Photo Courtesy of Eleven Seven

“Ghosts of Download” becomes the epitome of technology

1970s band Blondie leaves the rock scene and takes on a new, futuristic sound with their tenth studio album, “Ghosts of Download.
Broken Twin's debut album "May" sends listeners to a dreamy, springtime fantasy, with a dash of desolation. A relatively calm and quiet track list, this album elicits the true potential of swooning vocals and unprocessed instrumentals.  Similar artists: BRNS, Monophona, Keaton Henson  Rating: A  Photo Courtesy of Broken Twin

May portrays the essence of springtime blues

Gentle and cathartic, Broken Twin’s “May” is an album that welcomes listeners to interpret its ambivalent lyrics and expansive instrumentals.
Cloud Nothings' recently released album, "Here and Nowhere Else", is an intricate compilation that epitomizes teenage angst and collides it with the signature sound of underground grunge. "Here and Nowhere Else" revives the '90s rock sound, and brings it back into a new light. 
 Similar artists: The Strokes, Wavves, and Japandroids Rating: A

Here and Nowhere Else is nothing short of perfect

Cloud Nothings’ sixth album, Here and Nowhere Else, is an upbeat vivid accumulation of angst-ridden questionings of one’s identity, and brings back the sound of grunge.
Timber Timbre's 'Hot Dreams' emits an old-time feel that captivates listeners with its grotesque instrumentals and mangled lyrics.  Similar artists: Dead Man’s Bones, Dirty Beaches, Calexico  Grade: A  Photo Courtesy of Full Time Hobby

‘Hot Dreams’ elicits a horrific, deformed atmosphere

Timber Timbre’s new release adds to their reputation of providing the music scene with dark, ominous folk music.
A bowl of an extra large Spicy Miso ramen from Ramen Sora. Open every day of the week, many of the customers are regulars here. With consistent quality and cheerful staff, Sora continues to stay on the top.  Photo Credit: Saramei Kalaoram

No Sora No Life: Ramen Sora

In the center of the busy Chinatown District sits one of Las Vegas’s most popular eateries. For a low cost and little wait, Ramen Sora is the best ramen in
Drake Bell's new album, Ready, Steady, Go! is an eccentric combination of both the past and present, and covers themes of romance and adventure.  Similar artists: Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and The Arctic Monkeys  Grade: A+  Photo Courtesy of Surfdog Records

Ready, Steady, Go! back into the 50’s

Drake Bell’s LP, Ready, Steady, Go! is a timeless record that takes the nostalgic era of the ‘50s and makes it new again.
A simple, text-based app with a surprisingly dark, mysterious plot.Grade: APhoto Courtesy of DoubleSpeak Games

A Dark Room (IOS) Game Review

A simple, text-based app with a surprisingly dark, mysterious plot.
Child of Light is an intriguing video game that combines both worlds of action and fairy tale. Unlike most games, Child of Light is not only a game, but a story as well.  Grade: A  Photo Courtesy of  Ubisoft Montreal

Child of Light brings classic fairy tales into a new light

"Child of Light", a platformer role-player video game, is an intriguing and peculiar mix of both action and magic, as it incorporates aspects of classic fairy tales into the world
RAC's "Strangers" is an indietronica album that is reminiscent of the hustle and bustle of nightclubs and dance parties.  Similar Artists: Great Good Fine OK, Seinabo Sey, Lincoln Jesser  Grade: B  Photo credit: Cherrytree Records

RAC’s Strangers is anything but strange

RAC's "Strangers" adds a rich of electronic vibes through indie-rock compositions.
Head or Heart is packed with emotion and is sure to be a treat for Christina Perri's longtime listeners. With the ideal mix of serenity and passion, this album is charming and widely relatable. 
 Photo Credit: Christina Perri website 
 Similar Artists: Sara Bareilles, Norah Jones, Kina Grannis 
 Rating: B-

‘Head or Heart’ captivates both

Christina Perri’s Head or Heart is the perfect album to listen to when lovesick.